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“Buffalo Creation“ (Chief Sitting Bull)

By Gerald J Sandau

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“Buffalo Creation“ (Chief Sitting Bull)


Artwork Description
Sitting Bull did not take part in Custer"s defeat at the Little Big Horn on the 25th of June, 1876, that fateful day he was in the hills praying to his Creator for help to defeat his enemy. Two days after the battle 4000 of the Sioux people escaped north to take refuge in Canada, near the Cypress Hills. The Buffalo emerging from all sides of the sculpture represent the provider of all things to maintain their Native way of life. Story tellers put it this way: "The buffalo came from the center of the earth through a hole the Creator opened to release them. Coyote, the Trickster, saw his chance to create some havoc. By drawing the Creator's attention away from the hole with a fake emergency he would forget to close it, allowing millions of buffalo to escape. To punish the people for not protecting their land from the distruction of the white intruder, the Creator sent the buffalo back down the hole to the center of the earth to where they came from."


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Original - $10,000.00
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Black African Perypholite Sculpture
Dimensions: 10x14x10 in
Weight: 55 lb

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Gerald, a self taught sculptor, born and raised in Western Canada, has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation through art. He first gained a reputation as a wood carver, receiving many awards from the British Columbia Woodcarvers Association.
In 1995 an accident amputated the four fingers of his left hand, making it impossible to hold the carvings while working on them. Out of necessity, he turned to stone as a medium. Gerald can turn large lumps of natures stone into detailed three dimensional images natures creatures.
He creates One-Of-A-Kind, highly detailed, realistic, portraiture and wildlife sculptures and works with Alabaster, Perypholite(Wonderstone) and Soapstone. Meet Gerald on this YouTube TV Interview:

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“Buffalo Creation“ (Chief Sitting Bull) “Buffalo Creation“ (Chief Sitting Bull)
By  Gerald J Sandau
Medium/Type:  Black African Perypholite   Sculpture
Dimensions: 10x14x10 in
Weight: 55 lb
Create Date: Not Specified
Price: $10000 USD Negotiable

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