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Queen Elizabeth #1 Rated English Tutoring In Mississauga And Oakville
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QE Tutoring Academy provides high-quality English Tutor Mississauga and Oakville. Our program focuses on reading, writing & critical analysis skills. Our team of 24+ tutors are each specialized in a subject area.  Our focus is to help our students to build a solid academic foundation so that they will succeed in the long run. We offer Math tutoring, Science tutoring, English tutoring, and more!

English is the most important subject in high school, since all university admissions require a good English grade.  Achieving excellence in English in high school and in elementary school requires diverse skills like reading comprehension, which involves the ability to extract key information effectively, essay writing, which involves the ability to express the student’s thought effectively, and critical analysis, which involves being able to delve below the story to analyze characters, themes, and passages.

The QEA English tutoring program focuses on building 3 key skills:  reading, writing, and critical analysis.   We aim to develop these 3 skill sets with our English students by working through their English curriculum in school.  In teaching English essay writing, for example, we teach our students how to develop essay introductions that can grab the attention of the audience, how to construct a concise and powerful thesis, and how to build arguments around the quotations from their Shakespeare plays or novels.

Another key strategy is to be a proactive reader.  To be a proactive does not simply mean to read the text, but to be aware of unfamiliar vocabulary, marking major events and being able to summarize.  Also, do not hesitate to reread when needed as your understanding and overall comprehension can change for the better the second time.

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