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afri packer Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Features
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China vacuum packing machine manufacturers - Select high quality Bottles Blowing Machine products in best price from certified Chinese bottle blowing machine manufacturers.

Automatic vacuum packaging machine can use the manipulator to automatically take out the vacuum packaging bag, automatically open the bag, automatically print the production date and batch number, automatically feed, automatically vacuum packaging,fully realize unmanned operation, truly realize automatic packaging, packaging bag range of 100-260 long, 60-200 wide, packaging efficiency of 2000-3600 bags per hour.

1. The machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, which improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment;

2.  The use of composite mold, easy to replace, a multi-purpose automatic liquid packing machine, mold with water cooling function;

3. The use of stable performance, long service life of SMC pneumatic components;

4. Select the brand vacuum pump with high ultimate vacuum degree and excellent performance;

5. Servo motor with reliable performance and convenient operation, PLC, touch screen and schneider electric control;

6. Photoelectric tracking can be adopted, and the color cover film or optical film can be used for packaging to reduce the cost and improve the product grade;

7. Automatic coding system can be equipped as required;

8. Special stainless steel clamping chain, suitable for all kinds of thickness of soft film, hard film stretch molding, special conveyor belt for packing machine;

9. Adopt advanced crosscutting and longitudinal cutting system, easy to replace and operate, and equipped with corner waste recovery system to maintain environmental hygiene;

10. You can choose square box, round box or other shaped box. The size of the box can be customized according to customer products membrane.

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