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shubh  gems Benefits Of Wearing Turquoise Stone
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The practice of using gems has been prevalent in society for long. These gems have been used in some way to increase luck. Gemstones have been used in astrology to increase planet peace and its auspiciousness. Wearing gems in some form or the other has benefited from them. Here gemstones are ruby, pearl, emerald or any other gemstone, all have some special features. In this category, a name comes of Turquoise Stone.
Turquoise stone also called Peroz or Haritashm in Sanskrit. This gem is considered to give blessings. It is an opaque gem, but at present it is very much in demand. The basic color of Turquoise is like  sky. Sometimes it is slightly darker than the sky color, and sometimes it is found in a mixed form of blue and green. The demand for pure blue turquoise is highest. This type of turquoise is found in Iran. It is counted in jewels. Thousands of years ago, turquoise was worn as jewelry by the inhabitants of Egypt.

Benefits of turquoise

Wearing Turquoise Stone maintains harmony in married life. Reconciliation and trust are deepened in relationships. There is such a belief that by wearing this Stone, there is happiness in life and luck happens. Negative energy is not transmitted inside the wearer, it is protected from diseases. It is also considered a symbol of friendship. This gem is also used as a talisman before going on long journeys. People associated with film, television, fashion industry, clothing industry, artificial jewelry etc. get benefit from wearing this Stone.

Health benefits from turquoise gem

This Stone is mentioned as a sacred stone. It is also found in the holy book Bible. By wearing turquoise, the person is protected from accidents and violence. It is also used as a medicine to relieve the stress of the person. People who are going through a state of tension can wear this Stone as a locket. Those who have to work at high altitude places are advised to wear turquoise. Wearing this Stone gives relief in acidity. Relieves stomach problems.

Turquoise Gems gives money and fame

The turquoise gemstone helps in earning money and earning a name. This gem is also used a lot by the people of the film world. This gem is also used to earn fame and make your name famous. This gem is also said to strengthen strength in love relationships. The brightness of this gem and its mildness affect the life of a person.
This gem increases positive positives in life, according to its beauty, it will also bring beauty and happiness in the life of the native.

Identity of turquoise

Turquoise gemstone is easily recognizable through its attractive color and texture. This gem is of turquoise color that is why it is also called Turquoise. Its color is dark blue, sky and sometimes green. Iranian Turquoise is considered to be of very good category. Apart from this, turquoise which is available in American, Tibet and India is also good. Due to its color and brightness, there is an excess and decrease in the price of this gem.

Who can wear turquoise stone

Turquoise gem is used in astrology to increase auspiciousness on planet peace and luck. This gemstone can be used as a locket around the neck, as a bracelet or as a ring or as desired. The use of this gemstone is very effective in the native. It gives a positive status. Those people who are in the weak state of Venus in their horoscope can wear turquoise.
In western astrology, it is considered useful for the people of Sagittarius sign for the planet Jupiter. In Indian astrology, it has been said to be a master of the Guru and it is useful for Sagittarius and Pisces people. This honor, increase in economic benefits, is beneficial for better health.

How and when to wear turquoise stone

Before wearing any gemstone, it is very important to understand at what time and when to wear it so that we can get auspicious benefits. Turquoise is a specialty of gemstone that this gemstone does not give negative effects. If it does not give any benefit then it is not inauspicious.
This gem can be worn on the day of Venus. You can wear it on Thursday and Saturday also. On the auspicious day of the Shukla Paksha on an auspicious day, after bathing in raw milk by purifying it with Ganga water, you can use it in a ring or whatever you want after worship. It can be worn in gold, copper, silver or punch metal.

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