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Mathew  Richard Must-Visit Tokyo Neighborhood For New Tourists
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For first-time visitors, a trip to Tokyo can easily become overwhelming. Japan’s capital is composed of 23 wards, which are broken down into multiple districts per ward. Each neighborhood or district has a distinct character and feel. For instance, some districts are great for Tokyo garden tours; others have such rich history that they are perfect destinations for Tokyo education tours or Tokyo cultural tours; and so many neighborhoods are just giant melting pots that are perfect for quirky, unique Tokyo tour ideas.

If you are about to have your first Tokyo tour, it is best to find which districts will suit your goals or match your ideal Tokyo trip itinerary. It is almost impossible to cover the entire city, but getting a grasp of certain neighborhoods is a good way to start.


Shibuya is known as the “youth capital” because of its towering shops and department stores as well as the huge volume of young people and office workers walking its streets every day. Your Tokyo trip cannot be complete without marvelling at the world famous Shibuya Crossing and taking a photo beside the statue of Hachiko.


In direct contrast to the classic black and white suit of modern Japanese working men, the subculture fashion you can find in the streets of Harajuku has a completely different world on its own. Most Tokyo tourists are just at awe to see the youth dress up in vibrant and eccentric clothes that you can only find in Harajuku. Take a tour along Tekeshita Street to shop in its colorful fashion stores and bizarre themed cafes. Harajuku can also be an exciting detour in your Tokyo garden tour since it’s close to the Emperor’s Shrine Meiji Jingu and Yoyogi Park.


Busy does not even begin to describe Shinjuku City. Underground its train station has more than four million passengers daily and above it is a mix of diverse Tokyo activities and establishments guaranteed to please every kind of Tokyo tourist. West Shinjuku still has well-preserved buildings that remain standing after the war. On the other hand, East Shinjuku has Shinjuku Gyoen Garded, which is perfect for an afternoon or evening stroll. Kabukicho is great for night life and is known as the red light district.


If you are more leaning towards getting Tokyo educational tours, Asakusa is a small historical Tokyo neighborhood that you cannot miss. The very moment visitors enter the Kaminarimon gate, they take a meaningful cultural journey around historical Tokyo. Tourists can pray and simply marvel at the beauty of the famous Sensoji Temple, explore traditional looking to more contemporary stores, rent kimonos for photo opportunities in the shitamachi or old town, and more. In fact, during April the Sumida River along Asakusa is an excellent spot to view the cherry blossoms.

This article is only a very small glimpse of what you can discover in the Land of the Rising Sun. Among the other neighborhoods or Tokyo districts that deserve to be discovered and explored are Ginza, Ueno, Akihabara, Roppongi, Odaiba, Marunouchi and so much more.

For a more in-depth coverage and professional guide on planning your dream Tokyo trip, Tokyo Escapes is here to help you. They are a team of experienced and skilled Tokyo tour guides who can turn your dream vacation into a reality. Whether you are travelling with family, planning to explore with friends, or setting the date for your Tokyo honeymoon tour, Tokyo Escapes can customize amazing and unique Tokyo tour packages at a very affordable price. Visit their website or call (972) 729–9475 today to learn more.


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