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Famous People

By Murphy Art. Elliott

Famous People


Artwork Description
collage of pencil portraits by Murphy Art. Elliott


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Murphy Arthur Elliott says Murphy’s Law applies to his life.

But when the "anything that can go wrong, will" rule kicks in for the certified master painter of homes and buildings and renowned oils-on-canvas and pencil sketch artist, he simply handles it with a positive outlook.

Since 1972, the trade-qualified "Master Painter" of Murphy Elliott Painting and Decorating has painted interiors and exteriors of more than 14,561 homes and commercial structures during the day. He’s also transformed many an ordinary entry door into welcoming works of art.

Since painting structures and climbing on ladders becomes more physically difficult with age, Murphy is ready to invest even more time on his canvas and sketchpad.

At night in his home studio, he’s either oil-painting the universe on canvas or adding to his more than 500 remarkably detailed pencil sketches of celebrities, soldiers, animals and everyday people. Some are commissioned and some sketched to entice more portraiture clients who supply photographs from which he creates an incredible likeness.

The award-winning futuristic science-fiction oil paintings of the internationally renowned Cosmic Artist have been featured on the ESA/Hubble Telescope site, Forbes Magazine, the National Space Society’s calendar and Space Age Magazine.

Remarkably, all of Murphy’s artistic gifts grew from the time his fourth grade teacher invited him to create a Christmas scene on her classroom’s 12’ chalkboard. The complex mural pictured the three wise men on their camels, following the North Star to Bethlehem. Class by class, everyone at the 3,000-student Dover Elementary and Elizabeth W. Murphy School came to be amazed. And from that day, his confidence grew. To this day, his encouragement continues forward.

Since earning his certification from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Murphy Elliott has been recognized as one of the best building painters in the business. Local paint stores in Vancouver, B.C. speed dialed him for technical solutions. His work was featured there in the Canadian "Better Homes and Gardens" as well as three pavilions at the 1986 World’s Fair Expo.

Since moving to Plant City to care for his 85-year-old father and two brothers, he’s been building his Tampa Bay area reputation through referrals. Thankfully, skilled excellence is always in great demand.

Time, experience and "marriage to the right woman from a normal ‘Leave it to Beaver’ family" have brought contentment to the man raised in foster care since age four. "She’s been a wonderful and patient wife," said Elliott, of his spouse, Wendy Waterman Elliott. The husband-father-grandfather cherishes family time and his two dogs. In his peaceful home studio he can listen to music, think, and plan his next project.

Their son Chris Murphy Elliott and daughter Samantha J. Elliott are also artists. Chris is a multi-instrumentalist, musical genius with an international following . He has a newly released CD. Samantha recently helped paint new murals at Dinosaur World.

Satisfied customer referrals consistently attribute Murphy Elliott’s work ethic, professional methods, and reliability as reasons to recommend him. This neat, efficient and economical craftsman combines traditional techniques with modern coatings, so the work lasts.

Successful Tampa home-remodeling contractor Scott Hines complimented, "As soon as he started painting my home, I knew this man was an expert." As a bonus, his son then commissioned Elliott to do a family portrait as a house-warming surprise.

Murphy explained, "I do it right the first time and save customers money. I wrap all furniture in plastic to keep even dust away and my cover sheets are rubber-backed canvas. According to Murphy's Law, I prepare everything for all that can go wrong."

"I charge half the price and do twice the job," he continued. "I charge by the hour and haven’t changed prices in 30 years. Because of my experience, I simply work smarter."

"I like to be nice," Murphy added. "I only live once and I want to enjoy my life - my work and down time."

He also looks ahead to even more home studio work. Here’s where you can help.

Prepare to be impressed when you view work and explore pricing on his Facebook page or website at For techniques, watch his videos at

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Famous People Famous People
By  Murphy Art. Elliott
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