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  • How To Choose Landscape Art Paintings For Gifting?
         8 days ago
    We come across many occasions all-round the year where we often get confused with the gifting options. Still, despite the availability of so many choices everyone opts to gift certain gifts that are very common like crockery items, clothes or the statues of deity etc. Nevertheless, if there is some really special occasion like a housewarming ceremony, baby shower, a festival or even a birthday, gifting a painting would be a unique idea as generally people don’t opt for them. Moreover,  . . .  
  • The Drastic Impacts Of Placing Abstract Paintings In A Bedroom
         1 month ago
    Abstract paintings have lately started getting worldwide acceptance and recognition. Art enthusiasts and collectors have started buying famous abstract paintings to either beautify their spaces or to satiate their desire of having a collection of best paintings. However, after you have invested in an abstract painting, the only thing that can make or break the peace of your house is its placing. Giving a section of your bedroom walls, no matter how small the size of the painting is, can dr  . . .  
  • Claude Monet: One Of The Finest Landscape Artists In The World’s History
         2 months ago
    Claude Monet is one of the most celebrated names in the history of the art world. The artist was a founder of the French Impressionist painting. The Impressionist movement was majorly concerned with seizing light and natural forms. Without a doubt, Monet is one of the most famous landscape artists and a leading dignitary in the Impressionist movement. His works are amplifying the beauty of various museums all across the world. Early life: At a very early and tender age, Monet discover  . . .  
  • The Meaning Of Ganesha Art
         2 months ago
    One of the most worshipped Gods in India, Lord Ganesha is always worshipped before the beginning of any auspicious task. Lord Ganesha’s image surpasses the imagination of every artist. Each and every element of Ganesha art is there for a reason and this article will be throwing light on each of these attributes. The trunk: Lord Ganesha’s trunk symbolises strength. It shows that a person who has attained wisdom has great strength and a sense of judgement, both of which are   . . .  
  • London-Exhibition-September 2017
         3 months ago
    The life`s core was planting 19 years ago which means everything today. This core it was perfectly/systematically caring and watering; during 6 years intensively evolving, sporing; 4 years ago was stepping ahead in the harvest term and few months ago could be felt that resolution; so it came the time to pull away the curtain (virtual world) and to move out to the “stage” ; to present (my) whole being, to unfold my point of view, my spirituality in a touchable artistic way. That  . . .  
  • Contribution Of Various Art Movements To The Development Of Abstract Art
         6 months ago
    Abstract art displays what naked eyes can’t see or one can say that it depict naïve observations. As Wassily Kandinsky, one of the most famous abstractionists once said, “Objects damage pictures; the artist must train not only his eye but also his soul.” These representations place greater emphasis on visual sensations rather than depiction of detailed objects that surround us. Visualizing and cherishing the beauty of abstract paintings is similar to enjoying the beauty an  . . .  
  • 4 Expert Tips To Differentiate A Fake Painting From An Original Masterpiece
         7 months ago
    When it comes to paintings, there are a lot of fakes and reproductions going around the world. Many are selling them and many are purchasing them. The problem arises when someone gets cheated and at the price of an original piece they are sold a fake one. There have been multiple instances wherein a fake painting has been passed off as original and owners remained oblivion to this deceit for years! It is always advised to consider an expert’s opinion before going and purchasing any kind of  . . .  
  • Romantic And Of Historical Significance For The Development Of Oil Painting
         8 months ago
    Romantic belongs to information processing, beginning from the middle ages the French carried (meaning "legend" or "novel") is a word, the word "romantic" is the transliteration. Have material proof, striated muscle in Britain in 1654 for the first time using the "romantic" this onychomycosis, is roughly "evidence", "legendary", "not true", it includes the negative external BianYi. By the 18th century, this has been gradually   . . .  
  • Put Oil Painting The House Need To Pay Attention To Ventilation Moistureproof
         8 months ago
    1, oil painting to avoid direct sunshine, long-term, because ultraviolet ray destructive to colorific is very big, can cause fading and discoloration; 2, hang put oil painting the house need to pay attention to ventilation and moistureproof, far away as possible from the bathroom, kitchen, pay attention to prevent the dust, soot and cause damage to the canvas, mould room should be keep in a certain temperature and humidity; 3, be affected with damp be affected with damp painting must be slowly  . . .  
  • We Should Hide Understanding And Learning Related Knowledge Of Painting
         8 months ago
    Of two kinds of pigments, minerals and chemical synthesis. More than the original paint for mineral pigment, by hand at the end of the ground into a fine, paint, to reconcile. Modern by factory batch production, into the tin pipe, the types of pigment is also increasing. The performance of the paint and the chemical content of relevant, toning, chemistry can make some adverse reaction between pigment. Therefore, know the performance of the paint to give full play to the skills of oil painting wo  . . .  

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