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Taurus (Vrishabha)The Zodiac Sign

By Dhammavijay Tambe

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Taurus (Vrishabha)The Zodiac Sign

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Artwork Description
Title: Taurus (Vrishabha)The Zodiac Sign Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 14” X 18” inches Price Rs.: 42,000/-


View Profile   By Harry   7 years ago
Love's just incredible!!!!
View Profile   By Dhammavijay Tambe   7 years ago
Thanks , Harry!!!

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Original - Details
Acrylic on Canvas Painting
Created on June 2012

Most Common Colors.

I, Dhammavijay Tambe ( Vijay Veralkar)
born on 10th August 1967 in Mumbai,
Maharashtra, INDIA.

I qualified as a visual Artist ( B.F.A ) 1988 with
Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, First Class from
Mumbai University, Maharashtra.
My works were based on figurative, Nature forms &
Conceptual Themes etc.,

I love working with acrylics on canvas & water colours. At present I love working on natural forms n Landscapes is what I most enjoy in Acrylics. I am an artist from Mumbai. My paintings are mostly from my life experience. Some of them have changed me in many ways......... so I try to express my fillings through my paintings...
Art for me is food for the soul. It encompasses my whole being, saturates the soul. Art inspires, illuminates, encourages, surprises, excites, provokes, calms, elevates emotionally as well as spiritually and connects soul to soul. On seeing my art, if the viewer experiences even one of these emotions, then we connect soul to soul.

As an artist the process of creating the artwork is important to me but I refuse to accept the limitations imposed by rules. I want to work in all styles and delve through many subjects and then draw conclusions at my own pace. Some may also call it a drawing or an illustration. It is not important what it is called. It is very challenging to create innumerable tones by combining the limited available colors. I need to make my painting come alive!
Light plays a very important role in creating the required drama to draw the viewer in to my world.  I paint with the motive that I finally achieve the result I initially have in my mind. Simple subject matter, good composition, boldness of forms, delicate line work and a little dramatization play a key role in the impact, my art has on the viewer.

I worked in the field of Communication Design and applied my creative talent in rendering a variety of art works.
..... After years of designing for varied people I came to the conclusion that I needed an outlet that would help me realize my creative potential in a more satisfying way. Art for me like for many other people became the most meaningful part of life and a source of much fun and relaxation. I hope that my paintings serve as a channel of expression and help the viewer understand my inner conflicts, fears, and tensions as well as my aspirations, hopes, and ideals. In the coming years I hope to venture in to every aspect of art and explore all its dimensions. I have just made a small beginning and I’m hoping that the average viewer in the gallery comes out feeling that he has seen something that provokes a reaction. I see a lot of beauty in the mundane things of life and I hope to make people see that as well.

Name: Dhammavijay Tambe ( Vijay Veralkar)
address : 37-38, Prabhat, B-wing, 4th floor, J. L. Tambe Nagar, Sarojini Naidu Road, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Ph: (M) 9320055575 

e- mail:
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Taurus (Vrishabha)The Zodiac Sign Taurus (Vrishabha)The Zodiac Sign
By  Dhammavijay Tambe
Medium/Type:  Acrylic on Canvas   Painting
Dimensions: Not Specified
Weight: Not Specified
Create Date: June 2012
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