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Verve Logic 5 Best Tips To Create An Impressive Clothing Logo For Your Business
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In the present market trend, clothing and apparel industry is reaching new heights. People are highly conscious about their looks and public appearances, hence, they are depending more on expert fashion brands. Fashion is the best way to communicate with the world. People are looking for new options in fashion world to express themselves even better.

If you belong from fashion industry, it is not difficult to understand the importance of branding. Whenever we recollect about our favourite fashion designer, we cannot help it but to remember their brand logo. This logo is found everywhere, beginning from websites, business cards, client profile and every other place where the brand has presence. 

Logo act as the face of the brand. It helps in reflecting the unique designs provided by the brand to its customers. Having a well designed logo for your clothing brand can help in making customers understand your brand preference and what it can offer to them. For every clothing and apparel brand, it is very important that they should have logo which replicate their brand message thoroughly.

But, the biggest question is how to design an impressive clothing logo?

In this post, we will discuss about 5 tips that can help you in making a good logo for your clothing brand.

Let us begin:

1. How should a good clothing logo look like?

Clothing logos are meant to make the right impression on the targeted customers. It replicated the ideal brand message that your brand believe such as quality, style, durability, comfort and many more.

Before beginning to designing the logo for your brand, it is important to have a thorough analysis on the expectation of your targeted customers. Make sure while designing the logo, the interest and the expectation of the targeted customers should be kept in mind. For example, children clothing logo should have many components like bright colour, attractive fonts to entice parents and kids. It is important to consider while designing the logo that what kind of feeling it evokes on the customers. This evoked feeling can make or break a brand logo usability.

2.   Focusing on fonts used in your logo

Many fashion logos are seen using various type of fonts style to bring that unique and creative touch in the logo design. For example, Brands like Madame, Levis etc use different kind of font that entices customers. It is very evident to see that a lot of stress is given in selection of appropriate font and size to make the logo attractive. One can take inspiration from these brand logo while designing logo.

3.  Creating unforgettable design

Fashion industry works on the principle of uniqueness and creativity. Logo designed for clothing or fashion brand ought to have uniqueness in their logo that make the brand stand unique among its competitors. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein or Mango, each have their distinctive logo style that make them unique be it bright red colour in Tommy Hilfiger or simple text logo from Calvin Klein. Always remember, simplicity is also highly unique.

4. Be artistic

Fashion industry is all about innovation and artistic creativity. Make sure to show your artistic side in your logo design as well. Designers from customized T shirts design agencies suggest that the key for making artistic logo is to strike a balance with your personal preference and the ardent customers. Such balanced logo designs when used in various marketing tools such as tshirts, notepads, pens etc, for brand promotion create maximum engagement within potential customers.

For example, brands like nike, adidas has a good blend of artistic touch along with keeping the design subtle and speak the message of the brand to its customers.
5. Be different

Fashion industry happily accept things that are different or bizarre. Your logo can be anything till the time it conveys your brand message effectively and create a lasting impression in the mind of the customers. 


A clothing brand logo should be designed in a way that describes the brand identity to the customers and also stands tall on the expectation and interest of the targeted customers. One can do research to find out the result obtained from designing the logo and make effort to create a timeless logo for the brand.

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