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Daviesh Hamal Does Your Home Need A New Paint Job?
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You may look at your home one day and realize that it needs a fresher look. Well, you can rearrange the interior and add a few things here and there. But when you take the final look again, it still looks dull to you. This may be your home telling you that it needs a new paint job.

Home painting can make a major difference in the way your interiors appear. It is not only about what colour you apply to the walls but the quality of the painting process itself matters as well. But before you hire a company for a paint job you should figure out more signs than just the dull look of the interiors.

Here is how you can determine you are ready for brand new home painting:
  • Fading Colour: This is what is likely to cause the dull feel you are witnessing. The colour of the paint can fade due to dust and sun damage. It is not just disturbing the appearance of the home interior but it means the layer of the paint is also thinning. This is why you need to get new paint to maintain the protective layers of the walls.
  • Paint Peeling Off: When the paint layer becomes too thin, it is going to fail to stay put. You will see that the paint will start peeling off from certain surfaces. It leaves exposed patches behind that look unappealing. Additionally, the wall will lose protection in areas where the paint has come off and you will also have to do extra clean up every time you discover fallen flecks on the floor or other surfaces.
  • Shrinking Boards: When the paint gets old and weak, the boards in the home’s exterior will begin to shrink. You will notice gaps between the boards too. This is a sign of dry rot. Due to the weakness of the paint layer, the moisture from the environment can begin seeping into the wood and cause damage. Dry rot should be taken seriously and you should immediately invest in home painting.
  • Cracked Stucco: Many homeowners prefer a stucco sliding instead of wood one. The reason is that stucco lasts longer. However, it does not mean that it will never deteriorate. Stucco can become prone to hairline cracks as it ages. These cracks can allow moisture to penetrate into the woodwork, which will, in turn, causes more damage.

    As Multi-award Winning Residential Painters in Melbourne, We believe that home painting should be invested in after every 5 years. If it has been 5 years since your home was built or you got the previous painting job and none of the above signs is evident, you should still get a new paint job. This will work as regular house maintenance, which can save you from expenses on repairs that could be avoided.

    The House Painters has been offering highly skilful and standardized paint jobs to Melbourne Homeowners.


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