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Jaisalmer Tour Packages Essential Travel Hacks For Jaisalmer Holidays – Let Your Journey Go With Ease!
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Jaisalmer is everyone’s favorite travel destination in Rajasthan as well as India that invites travelers from all over the world. None can compare the breath-taking views of Golden City – Jaisalmer with the magnificent backdrop of golden sand dunes which spreads yellowish golden hues all across the city. What else can be more beautiful than a honey-combed structure settled on a hill lit-up in the dark like a golden ornate on desert land? It seems more similar to a fairy tale. Jaisalmer is truly a place where one cannot afford to miss while being in the country and with these list-out travel hacks for wonderful holidays in Jaisalmer,  that can keep your journey hassle-free in the city. So let’s check out the list –

Stroll freely at Jaisalmer Fort – from all that Jaisalmer have, Golden fort or Sonar Quila is simply a place where you and wander around for hours and can find many temples, café s, and market stalls that offer many different artifacts and more. Of course, there are so many forts located in Rajasthan, but this one is completely different as it is the only “Lively Fort” in India which resides almost 2/3rd of the old city population.

Witness the bird-eye view of Jaisalmer – when exploring Jaisalmer Fort, hike up to the top of the sandcastle to catch the marvelous views of the entire golden city to remain awe-struck. Jaisalmer Fort has many sunset points that offer beautiful sights of the city. Also, you can stay back in the fort if you are look craving for snacking at the café’s located inside the fort.

Mark your way to Kuldhara Village before sunset – when spending your day over the golden sand dunes mark your way towards Kuldhara Village during the day itself as you are not allowed to visit the village after sunset or before sunrise. The village is haunted and abandoned the site in Rajasthan where many spooky events take place in the dark.

Carry hair scarfs or hat during camel safari – while going out for camel safari Jaisalmer, it is recommended to carry a hair scarf or hat to cover your hair. This is so because winds over the dunes contain sand and dust particles that can cause damage to your hair. It is best suggested for you to cover your head during camel safari.

Chill out in the evening at Gadsisar Lake – the city usually seems to be a desert land, but there’s a very beautiful artificial lake that stands out from everything. This lake offers amazing views of the sunset and also an opportunity to spot exotic birds species wander around the lake. Also, enjoy your evening by boat riding over the lake to make some moments chilled out in Jaisalmer.

Choose a private dive to the dunes – by choosing a private dive to the golden sand dunes in Jaisalmer, it is best to discover the non-touristic or offbeat tracks of the desert over the crowds at Sam Sand Dunes. This will let you experience the deep enriched beauty of the desert in Jaisalmer. It is the perfect way to enjoy your time over the dunes in Jaisalmer and spend some quality time with your friends or family. This will keep you far away from the hustle-bustle of the city side and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

If you are planning your Jaisalmer Tour with family or friends, all these hacks will help you a lot to make your journey fruitful in the city. So, consider these travel hacks while planning your Jaisalmer Tour Package and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. Make your journey remarkable in Jaisalmer and have a bag full of memories from the city.

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