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Fat Village Center for the Arts Figure Drawing And Painting – What Do You Need To Know Before Starting
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Figure drawing and painting is testing. The demonstration of rendering the human structure precisely on paper can be scary and baffling in the event that you attempt to handle everything at the same time. It is thus that you should approach things slowly and carefully and in particular, practice!

The absolute first thing you will require clearly is your drawing supplies. Drawing does not need to be an over the top expensive art structure. You can begin with a pencil and paper on the off chance that you do want, however, there are sure supplies that will create better outcomes.

It is very hard to suggest the ideal materials as each artist is unique and consequently will have various inclinations. Just time and experience will disclose to you what materials work best for your particular style of figure drawing and painting. Your selection of materials will likewise rely upon the picked topic.

What do you need to do?

The best counsel is to get a wide range of pencils and papers and essentially try. You will in the long run come to like certain materials over others. Get yourself a stack of newsprint paper.

They will more than likely yellow after some time. For your changeless drawings, a great quality paper is prescribed. Strathmore is a decent brand to investigate. You might need to start with a medium finished paper as it has enough "tooth" to hold a decent measure of a medium, yet smooth enough to take into consideration detailed work. You will likewise require a decent size drawing board that is smooth and level for your drawing surface.

Understanding the anatomy

Before you even lift a pencil, you ought to have an essential comprehension of human anatomy. When you study anatomy, you will get familiar with the development of the human body and its extents. You will likewise have an essential comprehension of the muscles and ligaments and how they direct and control the body. There is no compelling reason to escape and remember each muscle, bone, and ligament in the human body; only a basic comprehension should get the job done.

Getting the extents right in your figure drawing is perhaps the greatest test you will face as an apprentice. It is therefore that a unit of measurement was set up utilizing the models head. This is the good ways from the highest point of the head to the base of the jaw. 7 ½ to 8 heads is the standard measurement that has been developed for the tallness of an erect figure.


This measurement can shift contingent upon the subject so you may need to make changes in accordance with your figure drawing. You ought to understand that the measurement of 7 ½ heads compares to the figure when it is standing erect. On the off chance that the posture of your figure changes, alterations will clearly must be made. Go to proper drawing classes for students grades 1-12 and adults to start learning the art.

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