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Neha  Gupta How To Choose Landscape Art Paintings For Gifting?
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Oil painting landscape painting
We come across many occasions all-round the year where we often get confused with the gifting options. Still, despite the availability of so many choices everyone opts to gift certain gifts that are very common like crockery items, clothes or the statues of deity etc.

Nevertheless, if there is some really special occasion like a housewarming ceremony, baby shower, a festival or even a birthday, gifting a painting would be a unique idea as generally people don’t opt for them. Moreover, if one is new to the world of art and doesn’t have idea of what painting should be gifted when, then buying landscape paintings would serve the purpose of gifting for every occasion or celebration.

Therefore, in this article, ahead, we have mentioned some points that one should pay heed to while gifting a nature painting to someone. But before that, it is quintessential for everyone to know what landscape art is, so, here is a quick glimpse of the same.
“Landscape Art can be defined as a painting or any other art form, of which the prime theme is nature. Additionally, each piece of landscape art is made with an aim of exhibiting the grandeur of nature.”

Give priority to your friend’s choice -

While buying a painting for gifting purpose, one should keep in mind that they are buying the painting for their friend’s house and not for their house. There are different sorts of landscape paintings and different people will surely have their personal favorite out of all those categories. Try to decipher his or her taste. He or she might like flowers more than trees and rivers or vice versa.

Consider the size of friend’s room– 

After getting a fair idea of the likes and dislikes of the friend that one is gifting to, one should take in consideration the size of their friend’s room. This would be really helpful in deciding the size of the landscape painting, roughly.

One should always prefer estimating the size of the living room of their friends’ house as living room is considered the ideal space for the placing of beautiful landscape paintings. Moreover, landscape painting looks better on large canvases and floral paintings look better on small canvases.

So if the size of the living room is small, on should gift a floral painting and if the living room is spacious enough then gifting a landscape painting on a large canvas would be a better idea.

The wall color of friend’s room– 

The color of the walls of the living room helps one in deciding the color that the painting should have. For instance, if blue is the dominant color then buying a river landscape would be a good idea as the light shades of big river landscape painting on one wall will amplify the look of the room without making it monotonous. A small floral paintings gallery wall too would be a good option to go for. If the color of the walls is too bright then buying a landscape painting full of green and brown color would balance the vibrancy of the room.

Include These Vaastu Tips Along– 

Vaastu is a traditional architectural science be implementing which one can attract positive energy. This, one can insert a note in the painting or ask his or her friend to place it according to the Vaastu science. The paintings, specially containing natural elements are considered as a good omen which welcomes high positive reverberations.

If paintings with river or sea view are hung on the north wall, they can attract wealth. Paintings of mountains and hill stations, if hung on the south or west wall can bring more strength and power. It is also believed that the paintings of sun or flowers on the east signify surging hope and love.

In brief, if one has a little idea about the taste of his or her friend in terms of painting, the colors that his friend likes and knows the size of the rooms and the color scheme of their house then buying a perfect landscape painting which their friend will love, would be done in no time.

As thereafter, one just needs to decide his or her budget and the medium of buying the painting.

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