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Beatrice Szoke London-Exhibition-September 2017
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The life`s core was planting 19 years ago which means everything today.

This core it was perfectly/systematically caring and watering; during 6 years intensively evolving, sporing; 4 years ago was stepping ahead in the harvest term and few months ago could be felt that resolution; so it came the time to pull away the curtain (virtual world) and to move out to the “stage” ; to present (my) whole being, to unfold my point of view, my spirituality in a touchable artistic way.

That`s how on a silently afternoon I begun to have a look/search on Google to some Galleries, Exhibitions (competitions) to collaborate with.

I was found millions of possibilities all around Europe and I registrated to that events/places where the expectations was equallly with my skills/style.

In two weeks everyday I was doing the same thing: searching, founding,registrating and trusting. So this fruit of trust I sketching now, which already after a week had a result, a respond in e-mail form with congratulation and with all the (neccesary) preparing documentations for the september`s event.

The Exhibition opening is on 8-Friday and will take time till 10-Sunday; waiting all the art collectors-lovers in London, under the next address : Truman Brewery, Entrance on Elys Yard, E1 6QR. I promise will be an amazing experience.

For more information please visit to ; and  here to see all of the participant artists.

And ps: Remember Art isn`t everything, it`s just about everything.
Big Hug, Love and Light

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