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Jing Zhe Put Oil Painting The House Need To Pay Attention To Ventilation Moistureproof
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1, oil painting to avoid direct sunshine, long-term, because ultraviolet ray destructive to colorific is very big, can cause fading and discoloration;
2, hang put oil painting the house need to pay attention to ventilation and moistureproof, far away as possible from the bathroom, kitchen, pay attention to prevent the dust, soot and cause damage to the canvas, mould room should be keep in a certain temperature and humidity;
3, be affected with damp be affected with damp painting must be slowly air-dried, exposure of avoid by all means, otherwise the picture easy to fall off;
4, paintings of avoid by all means will be two pictures to post, once the temperature rise, may make the picture adhesion, so that the paint falls off, the picture is damaged;
5, hang put over a long period of oil painting is stained with dust on the surface, you can gently wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth; If above have lampblack, can use the light a little soapy water and water to try to scrub gently, and then quickly take the things suction water blot on the picture, another fan blow open water;
6, if there are any days long, has a crack of oil paintings, there must be less water, local dry clean; General of oil painting can save two thousand three hundred years, with the passage of time, some oil painting cracking may occur after a few decades, therefore, if your collection a lot, those who do not hang, you can use plastic cloth wrapped up, put in wooden cases.
7, when the volume of oil painting, must will oil painting roll outward, to roll into a leg of the thick tube is advisable.
8, painting the most avoid is called flints, beware of the items in the some similar sticks burst. If accidentally touched the small flaw, available water level surface of oil painting.
Hand-painted oil painting photos in recent years, a record from the western countries only recently introduced to southern cities such as Shanghai, due to the individual character style and memorable, hand-painted oil painting photos are in ear trend sweeping the country.
Oil painting photos are divided into two kinds, the first is directly to the wedding photos by the painter pure manual custom oil painting hand-painted oil paintings, another painting photos was produced by computer, photo printed on the canvas. Involved in production of oil painting with a computer is cheaper, but the essence is just fine art. And pure hand-painted oil painting is the painter based on your wedding or wedding photos and the understanding of the painter, a painter and creative process. Will communicate with you the whole painting space, you also become one of the creators of this wedding dress, painting, make your creative ideas and thoughts through the creation of the painter painting space reflected in this picture you are unique in the world the paintings. Paintings belong to pure handmade art, have qualitative feeling more light color, high resolution, image and three-dimensional reality, it has to do with computer-generated so-called painting is not the same level of works of art. And a picture of a high-grade oil painting rich in color, light, brush strokes, texture, with elegant picture frame, which create the artistic charm of the expressive force of more than photos, more noble, the more taste and quality, more the style in the elegance. Oil painting picture attached pigment has strong hardness, when the picture after drying, can maintain long luster. With paint covering power and transparent performance is fully describe objects, color is rich, stereo sense is strong, can be saved in 100

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