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Neha  Gupta The Drastic Impacts Of Placing Abstract Paintings In A Bedroom
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Abstract paintings have lately started getting worldwide acceptance and recognition. Art enthusiasts and collectors have started buying famous abstract paintings to either beautify their spaces or to satiate their desire of having a collection of best paintings.

However, after you have invested in an abstract painting, the only thing that can make or break the peace of your house is its placing.

Giving a section of your bedroom walls, no matter how small the size of the painting is, can drastically change the aura of your bedroom.

This article is an attempt to answer your inquisitions by telling you why it is advised to avoid keeping abstract paintings in your bedroom and what effect it can have on your mental and emotional state of mind .The major reasons due to which including these paintings in your bedroom is a big menace for your health are mentioned below. Keep reading.

Conflicting Colors- Mostly there is no color scheme that an artist decides to go with while making an abstract art. They are often said to be the paintings that are an outcome of an extreme emotional state of an artist. That is why, even in the case of the most famous abstract paintings, you might notice conflicting colors. The artist who deals in this genre of art often mixes the coolest and the warmest tones together. Placing a painting with such an amalgam of colors is not recommended as one is always advised to keep the color scheme of their bedroom cool because cool colors are known for their calming and soothing abilities.

Confusing Connotations- The name abstract painting itself tells that these paintings are abstract in nature i.e. they have no recognizable images.

You must have heard of the famous saying “Art is subjective to one’s perception”. Though this quote has been said in general for every piece of art but this is hundred percent true in the case of abstract paintings. A person might infer different meanings and interpret diverse images or various persons may have different opinions about it.

Often, the most famous abstract paintings have the most varied meanings in the minds of different people. Bedroom is not a place to make yourself puzzled and confused because a person goes there to rest.

However, this genre of painting when placed in the bedroom will keep you engrossed in making interpretations and won’t let your mind be in a state of peace.

Evokes Emotions- These paintings are abstract in nature, they don’t have any identifiable worldly image but the fusion of colors and forms which are left at the discretion of the viewers.

Your bedroom is meant to be a place where you can relax and rest your mind and senses. However, if you will place such paintings in your bedroom, they will definitely arouse many different emotions and will also intensify the negative emotions, if you are feeling any.
Increases Restlessness- Abstract paintings in your bedroom will make you feel restless and uneasy as they will continuously emit conflicting ideas. Every time you will have a glance at the abstract painting that you have placed in your bedroom, you will have varied thoughts and interpretations.

This kind of discomfort in a space where you should feel lightened, relaxed and soothing will highly impact your well-being. Abstract paintings engage your mind in their interpretations instead of letting it rest.


Abstract paintings are loved for the personal rush of emotions which they have but placing them in one’s bedroom can end up creating feelings of uneasiness and restlessness. These paintings have both the brightest and lightest of shades mixed together. Irrespective of the kind of shape they have, they are bound to generate different sorts of emotions depending on viewers interpretation.
So buy the most loved and famous abstract paintings for your home but shun from keeping them in bedroom, always. Don’t forget to share this article with the ones who love to embellish their spaces with paintings and you too go straight up to your bedroom and remove the abstract art paintings from your bedroom, if you have one.


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