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Marc Piteo Three Swimming Pool Supplies In Adelaide That Promote Safety
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Three Swimming Pool Supplies in Adelaide That Promote Safety

The idea of installing a swimming pool in the backyard is a great idea. However, it is important to make adequate safety arrangement there. You can choose amongst a long list of swimming pool supplies in Adelaide that promote safety. Here are the top three of them.

Pool Fences

Fences are used for ensuring safety & making the pool childproof. You can keep the pool gate-locked and restrict unwanted access. When you pick a fence, make sure it is easy to use whether it is a temporary fence or permanent. Removable fences are set up temporarily only when kids visit the pool. Pool experts do not recommend them, though. A permanent pool is always better. When you choose a fence, it is essential to make a list of expectations first. Once it is clear, you can pick the right type of fence.

Safety Nets

A pool safety net offers a safe and secure barrier that maximizes the available space in the backyard optimally. Safety net preserves Ambience of the pool and enhances its appearance. Hence, it is all the more important to choose the right type of safety net. What determines the safety level when you install a net?
The first parameter is the size of the squares in the net.  The size should not be excessively big or small both.

When you loosen the rope and pulley, the tension releases so that you can remove the net quickly. Use of custom hooks & flush brass anchor secures the safety net. Swimming pool nets are a great barrier for small and confined backyards. If your pool is uniquely shaped or there are accessories such as waterfalls or raised planters, then pool net is better than pool cover. Installation and removal of the net are easy. Hence, it is a preferred safety measure. 

Safety Covers

Do you think that a winter or solar pool cover is a safety cover? No, it isn’t. A safety cover should be capable of holding at least 500 pounds per five square feet.

Safety covers are available in two varieties:
  • Solid
  • Mesh
Straps anchor the cover to the deck and pull the cover taut on the pool. Stainless steel springs are attached to these straps & anchored to recessed brackets. Mesh covers require decking of at least three feet around the pool. Pool suppliers take the requirement specifications from the user and suggest the appropriate type of mesh covers & other safety accessories.

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