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Neha  Gupta Unleash The Power Of Color With Bright And Vivacious Artworks
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Add some brightness to your home this summer with splashes of colors and designs. Careful incorporation of colors in home design schemes is not only important from an aesthetical point of view but is also very crucial from the standpoint of the aura that a home exhibits. Nobody wants to be, let alone live, at a place that exhibits negative aura. It goes without saying that colors bring positivity into our home and life. It is very difficult to overlook the fact that colors play an important role in our lives. The ability of colors to pep up the look and feel of a place instantaneously is unparalleled. The fact that colors which surround us in our day to day life have the potential to energize and revitalize our mind, body, and soul is widely accepted. Not only this, colors have been known to have healing power for ages. Ancient Egyptians used to use the healing power of colors to treat certain psychological ailments. Nowadays, students pursuing medical students are specializing in Chromotherapy, an alternative medicine method. Even today, understanding the psychology of colors and its effect on humans remains to be a critical concern in both professional and personal lives of common people like me and you. 

After knowing that even tiny amount of color can change our life for good, we decided to come up with an article that will help you understand and unleash the power of color. So, if you are scouting for ways to bring in some positivity in your life and home, read the article and find out what color is best suited for your mood and disposition. 

Glow with Green

Think green, and the first thing that comes to mind is the refreshing greenery of lush green meadows. The color green is refreshing, relaxing, restorative and refueling. Consider hanging a lush green landscape painting in your living room for making the environment in your home a little more refreshing. Or, you can also introduce a painting done in soothing shades of green for lending a more relaxing feel to your bedroom, where you retire in after a long and tiring day. Also, this color is associated with fertility, regeneration, and prosperity; so if you are planning to launch a new venture, opt for the shade of green for your interiors and décor. You can also explore online art galleries for artworks that are predominantly done in hues of green and buy art online at affordable prices. 

Beat the Blues with Blue

Nothing works better than the tranquility of blue lagoons to beat the blues of a dull day. Versatility, versatility is what this color has to offer. The dreamy and relaxing tones of this color have a pleasing effect on the mind. So, if you want your place to be restful and calming, incorporate different hues of blue in your home. If you are not sure of a blue wall, then buy art that has a blue undertone to it and places it artistically in your home.  

Go Mellow with Yellow

Are you planning to keep things light, but at the same time you want to brighten up your living space? If yes, then yellow is your color. Yellow is bright. It is vivid. It is perfect for the interiors of any home and office. It inspires people and infuses environment with positivity. Don’t you want to bring in some positivity in your home and office? We bet you want to bring it. Do it by adorning the entryway of your home or the reception area of your office with some decorative accents in hues of yellow or with some spectacular, yet affordable artwork. 

You must be wondering how art can be affordable. Let’s take this opportunity to introduce you with Indian Art Ideas, a trusted platform where you can buy art online at affordable prices. Come and explore our wide range of paintings and sculptures, and we assure you be tempted to buy art. 

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