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Geometric Abstraction by Don Rodrigues  Artist
My work, which I describe as Geometric Abstraction, reflects my modern, urban experience. I went to Art schools in NYC and was impressed early on by the Responsive Eye exhibit at MOMA in 1965. I have studied form and pattern for decades. I produce works that present themes based on perception. That is, I paint, print and photograph optical, hard-edge, texturized subject matter. Op, Perceptual, Pattern-painting, Neo-Geo…… these are the schools of style that I belong to.

To me, the patterns, angles and planes represent infinity because the rules and axioms of geometry are eternal and can be found in the smallest of atomic structures up to the largest structures of the galaxies. Therefore a beautiful architectural building or how the sun strikes a tiled wall can suggest beautiful tenets of design that inspire me to create my art.

My creations have parallels everywhere. I hope that viewers will feel the connection that patterned art has with music, science, industry, nature.
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