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Gitta Glaeser  Artist
I’m a fineartist from Germany.
No matter if traditional realistic art, abstract paintings, digital creations or a mix of everything – ART is my PASSION and ever since I can remember, I have loved drawing and painting and have nurtured and developed my talent over the years.

Portraits, nude art, animals, landscapes, still lifes, flowers, star pictures, cartoons or special illustrations (for publishers etc), book designs or different types of media (be it music CD covers and artwork or similar) are all part of my resume.
I draw & paint with charcoal, pastel, ink, oil, acrylic, aquarelle, pen, crayons, chalks amm…
I love to work with GIMP when I mix original art with digital art to create special designs for prints on here.

Art is always relative, has a certain uniqueness to the eye of the beholder, and as they say, a painter paints what they see, feel and think.
In a way my pictures are a reflection of my soul, inspired from the sources of my life and impressed by my fascination for detail.

If you like to know more about my art or me…or you have any questions to prints or original art – just contact me via mail or add/ follow / visit my pages by clicking the link(s).
Would like to see you on twitter or facebook etc as well :)
GG x


I’m always happy & grateful so very much to notice, my art made someone smile & happy …convinced in the best way – that someone said – yes, it’s a special piece of art I would like to have and even pay for it…
Even I not know who bought something… – I think I speak for every artist – that’s the best thank to know hard work got appreciated, honored and loved :)
(P.S.: If you like to have your unique print of something, a special color or maybe your name on it – just let me know :) )

GG x
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