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harli tree  Artist

The Nine Images of ME:

We are living, working and creating whilst experiencing the daily challenge of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The Big One , along with eight younger alters , ranging in age from four to young adult , lives and works in rural England. Photography has recently become a creative form of expression for one of the alters and the Big One, whilst we are all engaging in Art Therapy. The use of art in therapy enables us to communicate and express our experience in a safe way. It allows us to discharge and process these difficult experiences and feelings which, once outside, can be reflected upon by all of the alters. The images created help us to meet one another and to begin to engage with the different self-stories that we each hold for the Big One. Talking about her experience of Art Therapy, one of the youngest alters says: “making photos and paintings makes me happy and helps all of us and helps the Big One not to get bad headaches and we can put all bad and good stuff on pictures”. With support from close family and therapists, 'the Nine images of ME' are now able to offer our art and photography.
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