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Leili McKinley  Artist
As a serial entrepreneur, I have built and sold companies. I understand the mindset. I know how to help you build a leadership that moves beyond the common pitfalls and results in growth.

I know how brands mature. As an award-winning designer, my creativity is the foundation of my problem solving. It’s also the wellspring of my passion for detail. Most creatives just want to design the brand, not manage its continuity.

My experience grew into a methodology that I use to help resolve core value dissonance, unproductive team dynamics, brand and leadership alignment, broken messaging, and other issues that result in revenue loss, brand erosion, and low morale to name a few. So, when fast growing brands need culture and continuity guidance, from better brand data to maturation strategy, CEO’s and entrepreneurs leading 1M-5M companies engage us to help them move forward.
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