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Maya Britan  Artist
​Birth Place: Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Birth Date: April 17, 1956
Media: Oil and Acrylics on Canvas.
Located: Los Angeles, CA. USA

Working Skills
Graphic Artist painter, Computer graphics & design, web site builder, production movie set designer and fashion design. Metaphysical developer of ancient symbolism & numeric based languages the creator of The “I Am ONE” Tarot Deck. ISBN 0-943832-33-0 Includes the Tarot Art work, graphic layout and text book.
Self education
Started to paint with oils at the age of 14 while living in an artistic community in Israel among several professional painters, where exposure to many art styles, later determined her own art versatility and originality.
  • 1972 – 1986 Showing and selling art Works in Spain & Holland, Europe.
  • 1986 – 2003 Showing and selling art Works in Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2003 – 2009 Showing and selling art Works in Seattle, WA.
  • 2009 – 2013 Working and showing 2 new series of graphic art and landscape paintings in Portland, OR.
Published Work
1. “Old Love Charms & Spells” book
by Tarostar & I Am (Maya Britan).
ISBN # 0-943832-26-8 Publisher International Imports – copyrights 1999
2. The “I Am ONE Tarot” deck ISBN # 0-943832-33-0 by
Copyrights: 2002. A text book online at:
3. Graphic design for a large line of “perfumes & candles” distributed by
Indio Products Inc. Copyrights 2001
4. The “I Am ONE Tarot” is now published in “The Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV”. By: US. Games System Inc.

Recent Shows
2012 January - Art show at “Gallery 114”
Portland, OR.
2012 September – Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2012 October – Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2012 November – Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2013 March – Motorcycles Art show at “The Gallery Zero” Portland, OR.
2013 - Solo Art Show at "The Gallery Zero" Portland, OR.
Total Stars: 4
Member Since: August 2013


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  • Surreal Landscape 15 Artworks
    Impressionist landscape fantasy world of blue ice melting glaciers water reflections trees flowers and light spirals in frozen composition.
    Surreal Landscape
  • Pop Art Figurative 2 Artworks
    Fashion figures stylish male and female models in Black Red and White. Double exposed images for interior designers to impact the display.
    Pop Art Figurative
  • Pop Art Portraits 7 Artworks
    Portraits and big faces of male and female masked characters, delivering a set of talking points as taken from the media and political debates in America.
    Pop Art Portraits
  • Pop Art American Icon 3 Artworks
    Pop Art in a gallery of imaginative and iconic characters who are expressive of social subjects and global issues. Cool unique bold and colorful illustrations, big imagery on big canvas. A new generation of POP and Icon art that merges super realism and impressionism with the digital graphic endless possibilities and interpretations.
    Pop Art American Icon
  • Abstract Art 8 Artworks
    Spiral waves in inner and outer space creating compression and expansion in the vacuum.
    Abstract Art

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