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About Us

About Us



Although Got Artwork Inc. was founded as a corporation, we're far from being the stereotypical corporation.
At we do much more than turn images into wonderful pieces of art that you can touch.
From our quality products to our wonderful website and our fanatical customer support, we’re here to create an artist community that caters to your needs.

ABOUT THE WEBSITE is one of the most advanced artist community websites in the world.
Artists and Galleries can post their artwork images for collectors and other shoppers to browse. As an artist or gallery you can make your art available as a print or simply list the original. Customers can either purchase a print copy or contact you if they wish to get their hands on the original piece.
We realize the numerous challenges to start-up artists and for that reason we're also offering websites to our members (e.g. With just a few mouse clicks your website is ready to go, with content being fed directly from your account.  If you'd like to learn more about our features, please see our membership plans page.

We're not done yet...

We're constantly thinking about new ways to improve and bring the best available tools to both artists and shoppers.


Got Artwork is the result of two creative minds, an artist and a computer programmer, working effortlessly as a team to turn their dream into reality.
In early 2011 we were lucky enough to stumble upon the domain name Realizing the potential, we set our sights on creating the website.
One of it's founders is a small business owner of a printing company called Art-Tec Prints. He brings with him the knowledge for creating museum quality canvas and art poster prints, and the irreplaceable insight to artist and photographer needs. Having been in the artwork printing business for so long, he has helped numerous artists prepare their work for art shows and events.

Welcome, and enjoy your stay.

. fuzz