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By Anthony Joyette

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Original - Details
paper on canvas Mixed Media
Created on February 1997
Dimensions: 12x12 in

Most Common Colors.

Anthony Joyette is a contemporary Canadian artist (painter and writer) who is academically influenced - also studied art, including art history. He was born in the beautiful island world of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean), where he began to paint and write. He was influenced by the works of European artists, from the Renaissance to the Modern era. Schools attended were the Kingstown Anglican elementary and Bishop’s College (Kingstown).

Joyette moved to Canada in 1976, took up residence in Montreal, Quebec. His life and career blossomed. He married, became a parent, gained the respect of his peers and made a name for himself. His practice went beyond painting and writing poetry, to the study of art, literature and the dissemination of his ideas in a world of discriminating taste.

As a naturalized Canadian, he felt it was imperative to know about the art of his new home. Thus he questioned his sense of being and his integrity about where his creativity fits into Canadian art. He saw his images and ideas as fresh to Canadian thought, but lacked connection that anchors it to place. This changed at the end of the 1980s after he began his studies in Art and felt an affinity with the modernist artists of Canada and the U.S.A. He enjoy their fluid intensity of style, colour composition, texture and depiction of form, which he felt expressed a deeper introspection of the conscious and subconscious realities in North American thought of the twentieth century. A good description of Joyette is an introverted organic intellectual who loves the pursuit of research, education and scholarship. He prefers his works and ideas to be known instead of his person.

Joyette paints with acrylics. Through the years he has used a variety of styles from realism to abstract in expressing his ideas. Subject matter explores the psychological, philosophical, spiritual and social realities including themes of gender and race relations which reveal not only the evolution of the artist’s palette, but also his beliefs and outlook on life. His works express an ideological perspective that embodies humanity and its spirituality, with overlapping racial boundaries, while expressing Black folk life as a relevant part of our global aesthetics. One may rightly assume that his art is a revelation of self and the world in which it exist.

In his career Joyette has had three solo exhibitions and took part in several group shows locally and outside of Canada. He has published two collection of poems: The Germination of Feeling (1980) and For Judas Iscariot in Heaven (2006) He also edited the anthology Vincentian Poets 1950 -1980 (1990) and is one of the founders of KOLA, a magazine that promotes Black Diasporic literature. His writing also appeared in several Canadian publications including Other Voices (1985), The Black Body (2001) The Great Black North (2013). He is mentioned in World Who’s Who (The Europa Biographical Reference), Canadian Who’s Who and Who is Who in Black Canada.


"Anthony Joyette est interessant parce qu'il module tant ses themes que ses materiaux et techniques... il adopte une vision surrealiste. Chose interessante, il peint majoritairement des femmes, avec une sympathie evidente."
Micheline Dussault. University of Montreal, newspaper, Issue date, 26/11/1984, (section, Arts Visuels) Article, C'est la fete antillaise!

Mr. Joyette's art not only draws us into the socio-political realities of racism and discrimination in our contemporary society, but also attempts to give recognition to the contributions of women to humanity. His art is abstract yet it embodies a sense of symbolism and the surreal... it has emerged from the need to develop our societies by being active participants in Globalization of world cultures. It is a universal expression of the challenges facing the human race."
Ambassador Christopher R.Thomas, Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States. Opening address at Joyette’s solo show Conversation in time, 1993, Washington D.C. U.S.A.

"Many hours can be spent trying to understand and put into context his paintings. . . Joyette tries to grapple with and understand himself through his paintings."
Janice A. Farray, Vincentian Poet and Artist Anthony Joyette, Launches second Book, The Canadian Weekend Post newspaper, March 1991 pg.9) Montreal, Canada.

“Very vivid and imaginative -- great themes.”
Joan Tuille-Williams (Trinidad & Tobago)

“I love your style. Your pictures are great.”
Luisa Chali Cuellor (Boliva)

“Great job, clearly reflects the richness of Black culture and its continuing evolution. Brings pride to my heart.”
Moses Gittens (Canada)

“Intelligent, genereux et beau.”
Michel Casalta ( Corsica)

“Looking at Joyette’s paintings is like being lost in a theme park of images and ideas.”
Peter Bailey (Canada)

“Very poetic, spectacular and sensible.”
Janet Cook Rutnick (Virgin Islands)

“The painting (Germination of feeling: flight of the female form) represents Joyette’s iconoclastic world view about the nature of the female form. It breaks down any notions of the feminine mystique and portrays the female as a construct appropriated by man from nature and which is an essential element of his existence. The female form is thus seen as the vehicle through which man’s humanity is not only reproduced, but is manifested throughout the ages. . . In the painting, the female form is a (space) ship which is torn from the moorings of its berth and which eventually takes flight with the male presence. Joyette’s works literary and artistic, are suffused with the essence of mans being in an existential duality. In his poetry the male and female disparate selves merge into a oneness or wholeness . . . Likewise, in his painting, he masters the art of meshing and juxtaposing the duality of the male and female principles in nature. The notion of flight as depicted in the painting takes on a significant meaning, for it is through flight that freedom is achieved. The female form sores with that of the male to gain ultimate emancipation of female sexuality. Liberation is a constant in Joyette’s cosmological worldview.”
Horace I. Goddard (Article, Vincentian born Canadian Artist is Featured in 1998 Agenda, Searchlight newspaper, January, 9, 1998, pg. 19) St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Your work is absolutely amazing!!! I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw! I am in awe before your art and your tremendous talent! Congratulations!!!!
Camille Desrochers (Canada)

I am proud to see that your labour of love has come to fruition. I love the site! Respect! You have truly inspired me to push forward with my art and I will definitely make the necessary effort. I want to be able to look back at the evolution of my work and see the people, places and things that have collectively contributed in some part to that evolution. I am truly happy for you. This must not have been easy to put together the body of information so cohesively.
Joycelyn Dottin (Canada)

Congratulations on your website! You are a master of words and a gift to the art world.
Adrienne Johnson (Canada)

Anthony's World is wonderfully presented and truly inspirational. I had a glimpse at another perspective on life in Canada. It extended not only my knowledge of our family history, but also my ability to relate to the experience of a naturalized Black Canadian.
Tamara Joyette (Germany)

Interesting, complex, vivid and imaginative
J. Kennedy (Canada)

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Candles Candles
By  Anthony Joyette
Medium/Type:  paper on canvas   Mixed_Media
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