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Leonardo Da Vinci, Leicester Codex

By Alessandro Tartaglione

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Leonardo Da Vinci, Leicester Codex


Artwork Description
Leonardo da Vinci, Leicester Codex. Art Replica of the Original Manuscript. Limited edition Leicester Codex is one of the most famous notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci. Dated in the early 1500s, the manuscript contains the Leonardo's observations on the motion of water, astronomy and geology. The studies are supported by explanatory drawings. The manuscript consists of 18 large sheets, written as usual for Leonardo from right to left, then folded and placed into one another to form 72 pages. Are currently available on the market several publications that reproduce images of the Leicester Codex, but the idea of ​​creating a Replica is very innovative. We tried to produce an edition as much like the original, but the real motivations that led to the creation of the replica go beyond the impersonal copy of the manuscript of the artist. In the conception and realization we tried to enrich the work with a craftsmanship contribution to stir up emotions in the viewer through a new technique of paper sculpture . The sense of view, through the impact with words and drawings of Leonardo, but also with the sculpture intervention of reproduction of lacerations on the original, with the aging process and coloring paper, with the emphasis on the stain caused by time. The sense of touch, called the porosity, the irregularity and the crumpling of the paper. The sense of hearing, by the sound coming from the ancient and profound turning of the old pages. Finally the sense of smell, stimulated by light scent given to the sheets. The Replica of the Leicester Codex is made by hand, with a dedicated processing on every single page of each copy. Through this process we gave a unique character to each unit produced: each copy is never perfectly like another and is an unique piece. The intention was to give a creative contribute reproducing Leonardo's manuscript. The desire to provide the reader with vivid emotion, an emotion that can be given only with the human sensitivity. Title: Leonardo da Vinci, Leicester Codex Art Replica Dimensions: approximately cm. 26,5x20,5 Printing: paper 90 gr. internal; 170 gr. cover Number of pages: 72 plus the cover Finishing: for each page have been reproduced by hand lacerations original; pages have been subjected to aging process and color Binding: as well as the original, the manuscript has not binding. Limited Edition: 994 copies individually numbered, with a certificate of authenticity. Place of edition: Italy Year of edition: 2013


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print on paper Jewlery&Other Crafts
Created on January 2013
Dimensions: 21x27x3 cm
Weight: 1 kg

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Leonardo Da Vinci, Leicester Codex Leonardo Da Vinci, Leicester Codex
By  Alessandro Tartaglione
Medium/Type:  print on paper   Jewlery__Other_Crafts
Dimensions: 21x27x3 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Create Date: January 2013
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