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Sharp Sonata

By Cindy Bell

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Sharp Sonata


Artwork Description
This piece is five feet by five feet, a diptych for the Sharps. One dances, one plays guitar, one sings chorale, one plays piano, one pulls them all together in a harmonious - and chaotic - sonata of life. The color and design was for their new home, raised from the ashes(literally!) of their house that they lost. Strength and hope are their lyrics and melody. [PS - the "note" is a D-Sharp, for daddy S!]


View Profile   By Cindy Bell   7 years ago
This piece is HUGE! I'm glad to create original abstracts for any purpose or person.

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Original - $350.00
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Canvas - Diptych - Acrylic Painting
Created on October 2012
Dimensions: 6x4 in
Weight: 12 lb

Most Common Colors.

A writer by trade, an artist for fun! When I make a work for someone in particular, I pray for that person with each stroke of the brush.

While these pieces are mostly a way for me to work out my creativity, sometimes they turn out to be as meaningful to others as they are to me.

Hopefully each work "says" what its viewer needs to hear.

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Sharp Sonata Sharp Sonata
By  Cindy Bell
Medium/Type:  Canvas - Diptych - Acrylic   Painting
Dimensions: 6x4 in
Weight: 12 lb
Create Date: October 2012
Price: $350 USD Negotiable

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