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Bigg Boss Highlights Any Of The Most Important Information About Bigg Boss 13
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Unlike previous seasons, Bigg Boss 13 will have two finales: one after the first four weeks of the competition, and the second after the winner is revealed.

This season of Bigg Boss has a brand-new house set called BB Museum constructed in Mumbai's Film City, and the show's tagline is Tedha, which means "made of surprises." Read about Bigg Boss 15 Live.

Why is Bigg Boss 13 so much bigger than its predecessors?

Unlike previous seasons, this season of Bigg Boss has already attracted a large number of TRP ratings. This season's first installment, dubbed the "Launch Episode," received a higher amount of TRP ratings than previous seasons' first episodes.

The creators have included a variety of events and tasks that will draw viewers' focus exclusively to them. Bigg Boss 13 has also gained traction through its social media presence, with a common hashtag for Bigg Boss 13 or its contestants appearing every day on Twitter or some other social media platform.

One of the reasons for this season's higher TRP ratings is the cast of celebrities welcomed by the producers as contestants. The producers are working tirelessly every day to have the best possible product, with surprises such as a double elimination, two finales, and a slew of challenges and events to keep the viewer engaged.

The wild card entrants have also boosted the show's TRP ratings to the required level. The show has a history of taking in controversial actors, and it has done so again this year.

You don't have to panic if you miss an episode because you can watch it on Voot Bigg Boss, Colors India's online website. Different features have been added to Voot Bigg Boss, such as ‘Video Vichaar,' which allows you to communicate with the housemates through video messaging or video calling.

You can also find other elements in the Voot app, such as ‘Unseen Tadka,' which features scenes that are not broadcast on tv. You must update and log in to the Voot app to vote for your favorite contestants. Soon after an episode airs, you will vote for one contestant.

Overall, it seems that the creators are not eager to replicate the pitfalls of previous seasons. They also tailored different aspects of the program in order to keep viewers hooked to their television screens while the show is shown.

Salman Khan's star power is also one of the primary factors for the show's steady top-of-the-charts TRP ratings. The actors who compete in this show have all achieved notable success in their careers, and as a result, they have a large fan base. All of these characteristics have positioned Bigg Boss 13 as the country's most successful reality show in its early stages.

While both of these features are the reasons why Bigg Boss 13 is at the top, we cannot overlook the producers' marketing skills, as the show is at the top even in social media circles. So, while the rest of India waits to find out who will win Bigg Boss 13, we are waiting to find out who will win Bigg Boss 13?

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