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mark45xxx fighting your inner critc
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I dont know about you but I some times go through this phase where I hate all of my artwork. I found the best salutation for fighting the inner critc/artist block is to put down the pencil and the paint brush step away from the drawing table and clean up the studio (you know it needs it.) when you are done turn on some music that you love & that inspires you my personal favorit anything by portishead they always get my art juices flowing but it can be anything you like. look at a visually stimulating movie my favorits include bramstoker's dracula (1992) and any james bond movie and the cell with jennifer lopez. play a eye poping video game (yes video games can be inspireing.) my favs are god of war3 dante's inferno mortal combat 9 assassin's creed 2 once you get past the blood and gore these are visually beautiful you can pick up your pencil and go back to your drawing table do not try to create a misterpiece just draw or paint for fun.ok thats the end of me rambling I hope some of it was halpful to you. thanks for reading and giving your time.

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