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smart catches How Can I Get To Reach Delta Customer Service Agent?
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Many questions may arise when you are traveling for the first time; even if you are not a first-timer, sometimes you might also struggle with travel policies related to baggage , COVID-19 report, wrong name on e-ticket. But the customer service of Delta Airlines makes sure that no passengers travel with unresolved doubts.whether it come from new traveller or foreign passenger related to how much early I Need to come for verification of Negative RT-PCR test report?,If found Positive during Temperature checking or Thermal screening So will airline suspend my flight journey?looking for how do I talk to a live person at Delta? so follow here to know all guide here
In case you also have a doubt on how do I talk to a live person at Delta? Then you can continue reading to know about the contacting methods of Delta Airlines.

Guidelines to how do I talk to a live person at Delta

 Via phone call:
Most of the passengers, when in need, use the Delta phone number to contact the support team. As you know, the phone call service is very simple, and you can also save the contact number on your phone. And you can use it when you need to contact the support team. To get the official contact number, you can use the steps that are given below.
You can call a Delta Airlines representative at 800-221-1212 and follow the prompts.
The number is available 24 hours hence you can call the service anytime you wish to contact.
Now when you call the number, you will not be directly connected to the agent.
You will need to follow the pre-recorded instructions, and then the system will connect the call.
  • The pre-recorded instructions go as follows:
  • Kindly press 1 for any new reservations.
  • Kindly press 2 for cancellations.
  • Kindly press 3 for a refund.
  • Kindly press 4 for general queries.
  • Kindly press 9 to talk to a live representative.
  • Press the keys according to your choice and get help.
When you press the number 9, the system will connect you to the live agent.
Via live chat:
Most people get annoyed by the pre-recorded instructions; if you also would like to avoid that, you can use the live chat option to chat with a representative. You can use the steps that are given below if you have never used the Delta airlines live chat option before.
  • Head to the website of Delta Airlines on your computer or on your phone.
  • Click on the help center drop-down menu and then click on the help option.
  • On the other page, you need to look for the live chat option.
  • Click on the option, and then when the chat window is shown, you can send all the issues in the chat box.
Now you can get instant replies from the virtual assistant.
Via Social Media :
To your surprise, social media customer service also exists, and you can also get help using the social media platform. You can go to the official page on any of your favorite social media and then send them your queries via direct message. Or you can also use the links that are given below. Note: Since the reply takes 1 hour to even days, it is best to contact customer service using the social media option only if you have enough time between your scheduled flight departure.
Via email :
If you would like to contact the representative via mail, you can also use the email option, as it is very useful if you would like to send any documents or files. If you are not aware of the email option, you can use the steps that are given below.
  • You need to open the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • When you are on the main page, you can see the panel consists of various options.
  • You need to click on the help center and then the help option.
  • Once you are on the following page, you need to click on the email option.
  • Fill in the form with the details that are required.
  • Check the form and submit it.
You can use the above methods to communicate with a live representative of the Delta Airlines.

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