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Bonnie  Cantwell How Long And How Often Should I Play Video Games?
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Most of us love playing video games. Whether you are a kid or an adult, gaming is always fun. Earlier, video games were mainly about combat gaming. But today you can find various types of games such as hunter call of the wild crossplay. Some common gaming genres are MMO, MOBA, MMORPG, combat, etc. You can play games on your mobile phones, laptops, and PC. For game lovers, various special gaming gadgets are also available that can offer excellent gaming experience. Is playing games good or bad? Well, this totally depends on how much you play a game. Most people play video games for fun in their free time. Meanwhile, some people, especially kids, may spend hours playing games. 


There is no time limit for playing games. You can play your favorite game anytime. Gaming can help you to reduce your stress. If you have a job then playing a game after coming home can be quite a relief. It will release all your work stress and you will feel better. But if you are a kid or teenager, you have to learn about time management. After school, you have coaching and other classes. Playing games is not always bad. It can provide you with emotional help. In kids, playing games with friends can help in making them more extroverted. But sometimes, kids spend all their critical time gaming. It can cause huge damage to their studies, and education. Gaming can also affect the person mentally and physically.


Merits of playing video games


Can improve cognitive abilities

Playing video games can improve your cognitive abilities like visuospatial skills. Visuospatial skill is the ability to recognize and remember objects. It is a very essential skill for various tasks like driving, finding routes while traveling, sense of a map, etc. When you play games like MMORPGs, your cognitive skills improve.


Improves our logics and skills

Not all games are related to tanks and wars. There are lots of games such as CTF that require lots of logic and skills. If you are a programming enthusiast and like problem-solving, these games can help in improving your skills and logic. While studying, you are alone. But when you play games with others, you get to know about lots of new things. You will also want to improve your skill to get a better ranking in your game.


Better prosocial behavior

People often think online gamers are antisocial as they spend most of their time in their rooms. But video games can help in improving social behavior. While playing an MMO game, the player has to communicate with each other by text chat or voice chat. It helps to improve conversations. You can also find lots of online communities for gaming on various platforms such as Discord or Twitch. 


Better teamwork

For games such as LOL, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, PUBG, etc, you have to play as a team. Playing as a team not only makes it fun but can also teach you teamwork. It creates good chemistry among the members. These skills can help you in your job marketplace. 


Demerits of playing video games


Can make you addicted

Gaming is emerging as one of the biggest addictions among kids and teenagers. They are spending hours and hours gaming. Instead of studying or sleeping, they spend the whole night gaming. One of the biggest reasons behind this addiction is the pandemic. During the pandemic, kids were bound to stay home. Due to this, they start playing online games. Video games are good to kill free time. But now gaming is eating all the crucial time of a person.


Can cut you from the real world

We can spend hours and hours playing games and talking to other gamers. It can improve our social skills and can allow us to make friends around the globe. But it can affect your social skills in real life. You may talk to anyone in the game but talking to a person sitting next to you in a public bus can make you anxious. Instead of problem-solving, you may become more anti-social. You may start ignoring real-world problems. In kids, it can elevate the risk of aggression. When you play any combat game, it shows lots of violence. Sometimes, this violence can actually affect the kids and elevate their aggression.

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