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DANIEL JAMES How To Connect QuickBooks With Shipstation | Quicklybookonline
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ShipStation is robust software platform, designed exclusively for eCommerce retailers. It is a web-based and multi-carrier shipping solution provider application which is crafted to streamline the fulfillment process of eCommerce retailers. Its powerful order management feature allows eCommerce merchants to focus more on significant aspects of their business than spending more time on trivial tasks. This software platform provides customizable shipping pre-sets, service mapping, and automation rules, which helps in automating repetitive tasks that helps in eliminating manual data entry, reducing risk of human errors. Furthermore, this app also enables you to batch print hundreds of shipping labels, packing slips, and pick lists. The feature of ShipStation helps in printing wirelessly using any printer in your network, which includes desktop and thermal printers. It’s major highlight is ability of managing every order in a single interface. For eCommerce merchants, this app integrates with 150 plus shopping carts, carriers, marketplaces and fulfilment services. The users of this app can also add unlimited number of selling channels to their account. It helps them in having order management in one place. 

ShipStation Significant Features

 This order management app offers all types of important tools that are required to print shipping labels and packing lists and enhances automating order processing. The dashboard of ShipStation is easy to use, includes filters which breaks down orders by store, status, buyer information, store and more. It seamlessly integrates with many shipping carriers which allows users to ship with carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. The users can also create automation rules which dictates ShipStation the way to process the order. The users can also access toolbar’s rate calculator in viewing estimated shipping rates across multiple carriers and types of services offered. Thus, Quickbooks shipstation integration helps in choosing the best shipment method and service. The rate calculator can also be used to configure shipment widget in viewing rates on any one specific shipment. ShipStation process orders quickly by using batch printing features and prints hundreds of shipping labels and packing slipping instantly. The users can also generate a picklist which sorts out ordering and makes packing and picking easier. This app sends automatic shipping confirmation emails to customers. The users also get receive live shipment tracking updates. It automatically imports order from user’s online store as well as from marketplaces. ShipStation successfully view real-time stock levels and also set low-stock alerts, which helps suppliers in placing orders.

 Steps to Integrate ShipStation and QuickBooks Online

  1. Firstly, users should authenticate their ShipStation and QuickBooks Online accounts.
  2. In ShipStation App, users should go to Account Settings
  3. Next, from left-hand side bar, do select Integrations and then choose Integrations Partners
  4. Now, do select QuickBooks Online Tile
  5. Do click Connect to QuickBooks
  6. Next, users will be directed to QuickBooks to authenticate their accounts
  7. Now, users should enter their Email ID and Password and then click Sign In
  8. Next, click Authorize to allow ShipStation to have access of your QuickBooks Online account
  9. After authentication, users will be redirected back to ShipStation
  10. Thereafter, users can configure their accounts


Advantages of ShipStation integration with QuickBooks Online

 For any business, order data is an essential factor which determines efficiency and precision of order fulfillment. The integration between these two apps will make it easier in segregating order data. It will help in keeping proper track of every single order, till its fulfilled. ShipStation's seamless integration with QuickBooks Online streamlines sending of ship order data over to QuickBooks Shipstation Integration account. With just one click, ShipStation will be able to sends your Shipped Orders to QuickBooks Online. Consequently, your order will be displayed as Sales Receipts or Invoices in your QuickBooks Online account. The sales and orders are synced adequately and effectively which avoids any chances of manual data entry.

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