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Lisa King How To Write A Great Testimonial?
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One of the most important tools a company or business uses to show their likely customers how valuable their services and products are testimonials. A testimonial is a precise statement that describes how a service or product
worked for a customer.

In this article, I’ll explain what a testimonial is, what’s the importance of it, and how you can write one. If you need more tips in writing a great testimonial visit the best essay writing services.

What is a testimonial?
A testimonial is a statement from a previous customer that describes how a service or product helped them. Testimonials are mostly written by the business or company based on some specific questions they ask satisfied customers. They usually show before and after comparisons and also provide specific improvement statistics. Testimonials are very different from reviews because reviews are unguided or undirected and are written by the customer itself. Testimonials can help build credibility and trust with your customers, especially if they are regular. Companies or business owners usually display them on the front page of their site, social media profiles, and marketing materials.

Why are testimonials important?
Testimonials are important because they help you build trust and credibility with future customers. It also allows you to use your customer's opinion to show how your service or product solved a problem for them. It helps your future customers see what your company or business can offer them through a marketing tactic.

How to write a testimonial?

1. Analyze what story you want to tell:
You definitely want your testimonials to convey a story about your business and service or product. You should think about what challenges or hardships your customers defeated, what kind of feelings you want your likely customers to have about your service or product, and what value they found in using your products or services.

2. Ask specific questions:
Make your questions around the story you are telling about your products and business. You will be using these answers to write the testimonial, so ensure you have a lot to work with. Ask the customer’s questions about what problem they had, how they solved it, and their results from using your service or product.

3. Keep it short and conversational:
Make sure it only includes two or three paragraphs, at most. It must be written in your customer's tone so that your testimonial doesn't seem overly technical or formal. Testimonials are accessible and easily understandable that connects with potential customers.

4. If possible use the customer's name and include pictures:
Try to use your customer's name for the testimonial to feel authentic and genuine. It will help your further customers to include a name to the story the testimonial is telling. Pictures are an important part of storytelling and your customers will definitely respond to them, whether it is a company logo or before and after images. If it’s possible for you, include an image to indicate the value of your products or services. 

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