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casinosite king Ice Festival In Daegu In Midsummer
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한여름 대구에서 빙판 축제…'하키투게더 캠프' 7일 개막 | 연합뉴스

Ice festival in Daegu in midsummer… 'Hockey Together Camp' opens on the 7th

The 'Hockey Together Development Camp' is held in Daegu Metropolitan City in midsummer as part of the Official Development Assistance (OBA) project for sports in developing countries.

The Korea Ice Hockey Association announced that the Hockey Together Development Camp, 온라인카지노

A project to invite sports leaders from developing countries, will be held at the Daegu Grand Hotel and indoor ice rink from the 7th to the 13th.

A total of 13 countries participated this year, including Korea, Serbia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, China, Mexico, and Ukraine.

In addition, a total of 210 people, including 27 coaches, 86 middle school student athletes, 40 youth players, and 30 international federation officials, 
Gathered together to establish itself as the largest ice hockey camp hosted by a single member country in Asia.

The Hockey Together Development Camp, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this time, is led by Aku Nieminen,

General manager of ice hockey at the Bierumaki Sports Foundation, as the camp director, and Dallas Aikens, who served as coach of the Edmonton Oilers and Anaheim Ducks of the North American Ice Hockey League (NHL). join as an instructor

Former coach Eakins, who is visiting Asia for the first time, said, "I first knew that there was a high level of passion for ice hockey in Korea and other Asian countries.

It didn't take long for me to receive the proposal and decide to participate. I want to meet the players and talk hockey day and night.

I hope to actively pass on the experience I have accumulated while serving as NHL coach.”

Choi Kwang-eun, manager of the Korea Ice Hockey Association, said, “Through this camp, I want to collaborate with the local community and contribute to the national development of ice hockey, which is limited to the metropolitan area.

If the Hockey Together Camp is held across the country every year, it will help revitalize the local economy and develop ice hockey.”

This year's Hockey Together Camp will be held with a variety of programs, including theoretical and practical education for coaches,

Ice training for middle school and youth players, NHL special lectures, and actual games.

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