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Odessa Girl Odessa Ukraine
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My first "sort of" encounter as a street hooker was an unusual one If I can call it that, I stralled down this popular pick up lane dressed in the shortest dress I could find, after a short while, a fancy car that was driven by this young man in his twenties pulled up, he was very attractive, shyish and polite in his manner, he didnt ask about fees and I didnt say anything either, I just got in and we drove off, he didn’t talk much on the way to a laneway I knew was private and when we arrived there it dawned on me that I was pretty much thrilled at the idea of what was going to happen.

I hadn’t seen my then boyfriend for months and hadn’t had intercourse at all in a long time, We kissed for a while and I suddenly realised that I had missed it, he slipped on a condom and it was done in minutes, my entire body and mind had missed it and I was shaking in exctacy and thats when he got out his wallet and asked how much money he owed me….

It was the very first time I’d ever done this for pay and thought about all the things I was supposed to know that said I must always take the money first, nothing would have been more unnatural than asking for money for something that I’d appreciated, I had never sold myself like that and I didn’t want to . I told him forget about it and I felt good saying it. He must have realised that something unusual had just occurred but it was not easy to see his expression in the dark and my state. He dropped me back to the road that he had picked me up and I did not see him again.

I think that what occurred there that day was not something that could be taken as prostitution, an act of prostitution had been meant to happen by both of us but it didn’t happen, I strongly believe that what took place was sex between two wilful parties with no reservations, and that is not prostitution.

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