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olivia parker PUBG Launches Dirt Bikes And New Vehicles Features
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The devs of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds always have something up its sleeves for the game fans, and this week, the developers have made a huge announcement regarding the update. PUBG corporation has announced that a new update for Season 9, update 9.2, is live, and players can freely try out the game’s test server. Unlike previous test servers, this one is interesting for almost every player.

The biggest feature of this new update is Dirt Bikes. In update 9.2, there’s a new two-wheeler available that’s more like a “Motorbike.” This new vehicle offers smooth handling, better suspension, and speed on offroading. PUBG Corporation has confirmed that these dirt bikes will appear on all map areas, except Karakin

PUBG Launches Dirt Bikes and New Vehicles Features

Along with the dirt bikes, the new update has also brought a few new vehicle features. Now the driver will also be able to shoot. This new feature will allow players to shoot sidearms while controlling the vehicle. These new features are available for every type of vehicle except BDRM and boats. The only problematic thing for the players will be aiming while driving. It’s true that aiming while driving is not easy, so the developers might do something about it to keep the aim in line.

In the last few months, PUBG has made several changes in their game, including server and challenges. Players who have been playing PUBG for a long time are happy with the new improvements, but this new update is getting hype.

The good news for the fans is the new update will arrive with a great adjustment for sidearm shooting. There will be some changes in matchmaking and some general updates to make the game smooth. Battle Pass challenges are live, and players should complete every single step to achieve new weapons and character skins.

While other Battle Royale games focus on their season and weekly challenges, PUBG Corporation is working on making the game server more healthy and smooth. After the matchmaking improvements, players will start to face similar region opponents.


From the launch, PUBG has improved numerous things. Developers of PUBG have done everything to rank their game among the best Battle Royale games, and they have succeeded. This update has set a new competition level for the players. PUBG is available on PS4m Xbox One, Google Stadia, PC, Mobile, and Xbox Series X. It went live on PS5 on November 12.

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SOURCE: PUBG Launches Dirt Bikes and New Vehicles Features

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