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Joshua  Daniel Refresh Your Walls With Incredible Indian Paintings!
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The realm of Indian Artworks revolving around a variety of art forms, including painting, sculpture, pottery, and textile arts such as woven silk. It is interesting to know that Indian Artworks depicting various tales to famous idols, landmarks and manuscripts with significant elements of the prehistoric to modern elements.

Positive Vibrations and Paintings 

Positioning a picture in a particular corner or wall in the room can bring positive vibrations. But there is a way a painting should be actually to make this happen for you. Traditional Indian paints are set to be one such painting which can evoke such energy in a space. It's not always necessary to place a painting of a deity to bring good vibes, instead pick the right Indian painting which symbolizes positivity, calmness and happiness to create the right impact. 

In case you still wish to place the picture of your most believed deity; make sure their face in that painting is smiling and is depicting calm emotions. According to Vastu, placing any painting in a direction facing towards the east results in bringing better vibes and good energy to the place. As the sun rises from the east, it is considered to be a positive direction. 

Colours and the Indian Art 

Picking the right colours for the room also makes a huge impact. Feng Shui symbolizes each colour like Yellow is the colour which represents power, self-esteem, while Pale Yellow represents cheerfulness and is considered more welcoming. Therefore, Indian paintings with such colour will not just add more value to your place but would immediately change the energy of the space. 

Even paintings with red in the background changes the mood of the room. As red symbolizes harmony, perfect to be placed on your living room walls!

Variety of Indian Painting

Indian Painting is vast, with so many forms and types coming from each part of India. The most famous Indian Paintings are Madhubani paintings. While there is a long list of paintings that are famous but Madhubani is particularly renowned for its depiction of Ramayana, and other Hindu God-Goddesses. Most Indian own at least one art piece of Madhubani!

Other Paintings are Pithora, Kalamkari, Kalighat Pat art, Pattachitra, and many more such folk paintings add value, and aesthetic to your walls

Each of these paintings is unique in its own way and style and belong to the parts of India, which only specialize in producing such spectacular art pieces. 

Where can you buy these from?

You can obviously purchase these from the specific states, where they are made. To give the exact idea here's where these come from- Madhubani painting has originated from Bihar. Pattachitra has originated from Orissa and is hand-painted pictures of Lord Jagannathan, Lord Krishna and Dashavatara. 

Pithora painting originated from Gujarat, which is done by two tribal groups Bhilalas and Rathvas. Kalamkari paintings are from Andhra Pradesh; it is the painting done entirely by the use of a pen. Kalighat Pat painting is a folk painting from West Bengal. 

If in case travelling to these cities is a challenge to you, then you can also buy these paintings online, or if you live in Delhi, you can visit Delhi Haat, INA where people from these cities to set up their stall and sell these paintings. 


If you're really into redecorating your house and wish to bring new energy in your space then getting some original Indian painting will surely add more substance to your room and your entire home. These paintings speak aloud of our beautiful heritage and its many colours. 

You can hang them on any wall and then see the magic they’ll unwrap in your house. Positive vibrations, positive energy and fresh feel to your space be it whichever room it is your living room, bedroom, kids’ room or even the dining room! 

These affordable original paintings are worth more than some pennies spent because these are the accurate representation of our country and its beautiful and plentiful heritage. 

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