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Bigg Boss Details Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 14 Could Be The Show's Most Successful Season Yet
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Bigg Boss 14, presented by Salman Khan, will air on Saturday night. It appears to be more vital than ever before that our current norm seeks a mirror in the popular reality program.

Bigg Boss 14 is maybe the most appropriate of all television series to resume production in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. The reality program is about quarantining - a group of people locked up in a large house for months on end, completely cut off from the outside world - and we know how it feels to be cooped up inside during our month-long national lockout earlier this year. Check info about Bigg Boss 15 Watch Online.

Every year, Bigg Boss gets chastised for its displays of devotion, violence, and brutality, which range from innocuous to obscene. Salman Khan chastises the candidates for misbehaving in his bi-weekly Weekend Ka Vaar shows, but this does not stop tempers from rising again. The confrontations on the show have been accused of being staged; after all, how often are individuals to engage into yelling battles and close fisticuffs over a cup of tea?

As bizarre as these situations may have appeared at the time, being trapped in our homes during the lockdown, like the candidates, has given us a new perspective on them. Bigg Boss 14 appears to be more engaging than ever before, as our current standard finds a representation on the stage, rather than escapist voyeurism. The outbursts, such as Dolly Bindra blowing her top over Manoj Tiwari over eggs, appear to be more reasoned.

Bigg Boss 14 has an advantage when it comes to television shows still adjusting to the profoundly transformed world of entertainment as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. The participants have almost no contact with the outside world or even crew personnel, and the majority of the activity is filmed by cameras installed inside the house.

Regardless, the makers are taking all possible precautions to avoid the coronavirus. Manisha Sharma, Colors TV's Chief Content Officer, told Salman during the show's mock news conference that the participants will be secluded into bubbles.

“We can't afford to take chances on Bigg Boss because it's a live show. All contestants will be checked and quarantined before entering the show. The crew will be put to the test every weekend. We've taken every precaution and planned ahead, so if someone gets harmed, we'll have to send cameras to the contestants to film with. We're dedicated, even if it'll be difficult,” she continued.

Bigg Boss' new season makes use of the pandemic by incorporating it into the show's format. For the first time in the show's history, the Bigg Boss home will include a built-in kitchen, gym, theater, and mall. According to rumors, gamers will be able to take use of these benefits if they win the lavish challenges.

Bigg Boss 14 is being hailed as a "deserving answer to the year 2020." “Now, you must be thinking how Bigg Boss 14 will respond appropriately to 2020?” Salman explained the new motto at an online news conference. Everything you lost during the lockout will be returned to you by Bigg Boss 14. We're not going to skip a beat in our investigation. This will be a memorable season. For such a long time, you must be aching to eat something other than home-cooked meals. When was the last time you got a spa treatment, whether you're a frequent spa goer or not? When was the last time you went to a movie theater and ate popcorn and samosas? When was the last time you went shopping and got exactly what you wanted? The Bigg Boss mansion has a hotel, a gym, a theater, and a retail center, and it is fully equipped to respond to the year 2020.”

The bulk of reality television requires a leap of faith, but with the majority of us getting stir-crazy due to the pandemic, Bigg Boss 14 appears all too familiar. There's a strange sense of comfort and ease in realizing that these performers aren't all that different from us, going about their daily lives and dealing with the persistent strength of togetherness.

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