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asasasas asasasasa Spy X Family Movie Gets Official Title
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Spy x Family Movie Gets Official Title 'Spy x Family : Code White' Ready for Release at the End of 2023!

Since it was first announced in 2022, the first film in the SPY x Family anime series has finally received its official title.

The premiere film of the anime series that carries the imitation family theme will have the official title 'Spy x Family: CODE WHITE'.

In announcing the official title of the first film, Clover Works as the production house officially released a new key visual showing the Forger family.

The plan is for 'Spy x Family: CODE WHITE' itself to be released in December 2023, for the Japanese market.

Later, the story from Spy x Family The Movie itself will present a non-canon story and is an original story that is not in the manga version.

Until this news was released, the only information related to the movie 'Spy x Family: CODE WHITE' was a 2 key visual showing Forger family members boarding an airplane with a snowy mountain background.

Apart from confirming the release date for the first film, the production house also confirmed that Spy x Family Season 2 is ready to be released in October 2023.

Spy x Family Season 2 itself will enter the Great Cruise Adventure Arc, which is shown by an appearance of a large cruise ship.

The Great Cruise Adventure Arc itself will tell the story of Mama Yor or better known as Thorn Princess on a mission to protect Olka Greater and her child who are being targeted by a group of assassins.

On the other hand, Yor himself had to hide his true identity as Thorn Princess, because at the same time Anya and Loid also won vacation tickets on the same ship as Yor while on a mission.

Great Cruise Adventure, itself is the 10th arc of the Spy x Family series, where this arc will summarize 15 chapters in the comic version.

This comic version of the arc itself will introduce a new antagonist who will be the direct enemy of Yor Forger.

One of the enemies that will appear is Leonardo Hapoon who is an extremist and is an arms dealer to support war.

Where he will become the brain of all the chaos that occurs in the arc that will be presented in Spy x Family Season 2.

So far, there is no official information regarding the cast, opening theme, or official release date for Spy x Family Season 2.

Apart from that, the video also confirms that Spy x Family Movie will also be released next year.

Spy x Family became so popular because it managed to present itself as a series that is unique in terms of story.

This is because the series, which was adapted from a comic by Tatsuya Endo, managed to get 8.78 reviews on the MyAnimeList website and ranks 35th for the anime with the highest score.

Where this anime will have the theme of the story of an "imitation" family or a family that is bound without blood relations with family members having different goals.

The story itself will focus on a spy agent named Twilight, who is forced to adopt a child and find a woman to fake his marriage.

Unknowingly the adopted child turns out to have the ability to read minds while his fake wife is a contract killer.

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