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cube mark Sweet-Ease Discontinued? Where To Buy Sweet Ease?
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assists with quieting and mitigating infants. The 15ml sterile vial improves the clinician's work process by allowing the organization of sucrose straightforwardly onto the tip of a baby's tongue or buccal surface. Sweet ease is an oral fluid made of sugar (sucrose) and water that can be used to diminish torment in newborn children.

All newborns experience pain from medical procedures in the first days after birth. At the very least, newborns receive an intramuscular injection of vitamin K and venipuncture or heel-lance for newborn screening tests. Newborns of diabetic mothers, about 4% of newborns, undergo additional heel lances for monitoring glucose levels.1,2 Untreated pain from these procedures can have long-lasting effects.3,4 We previously reported that newborns of diabetic mothers who received an average of 10 heel-lances within 2 days of birth exhibited a heightened pain response during subsequent venipunctures compared with newborns from nondiabetic mothers.2

Studies aimed at reducing pain and its consequences in newborns are clinically important.5–7 Sucrose (table sugar) has great potential for routine use.6 Sucrose is a naturally occurring sweetener with analgesic effects in newborns. Although not fully understood, the mechanism of action is thought to involve the activation of the endogenous opioid system through taste.8 This is supported by the presence of opioid receptors on the tongue and animal studies showing that analgesia can be reversed by opioid antagonists during noxious stimulation.9 Moreover, chronic consumption of sweeteners has been shown to negate the analgesic effects of opioids.10

Two Sweet Ease is a 24% sucrose and decontaminated water arrangement that is advantageous sizes to work on the use
The 2 mL vial without any additives improves the work process by allowing sucrose to be applied straightforwardly onto the tip of a baby's tongue or buccal surface. The 51 mL clear, spill-safe cup (filled to 15 mL) allows a pacifier to be plunged into the cup.
Where can I buy sweet ease natural in the USA?
There are two types of sweet ease available in the market.
  1. Sweet Ease 2ml Vials
  2. Sweet Ease 15ml Cups


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