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Rebecca Fitz The arting urge!!
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Don't you love how like writers you can sometimes get artists block? I've had one for awhile and all the sudden today durring mass I got the urge to sketch!!! It drove me crazy, I lost focus in the middle of mass and that's all I could think about is shading, lighting and how fun it would be to sketch the inside structure of my church!!! It's like when I want to art I can't and it hits me to art in the most inopritune times. I sorta feel like a dork for noticing the roman arches and the beauty in the architecture of the building when I'm supposed to be paying attention to the priest.. I've also never done sketching like that before, sitting in a place like that and sketching.. At school ok but a church.. Idk if there is even a market for religious art like u get the urge? What would you do? How do I hold on to the arting urge?? 

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View Profile   By Michael Marks Cicirelli   9 years ago
are you nuts? Wondering why you get the urge to create when you are surrounded by symbols of Creation and the Creator? While some dude is in the front reciting poetry? When the human hands of architechs have smoothed arches for you to balance yourself beneath... go with it. Let no one suggest to you that you will offend a Creator if you are so inspired to create in such presence... while your eyes and mind wander upon the cosmic beauty and ask you to join the symetry.

. fuzz