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Get Near Thermage The Best Botox Treatment In Dubai
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Do you know the magic spell of being young again? It’s botox. Botox treatments are used restructuring and reshaping different parts of the face. It can be used by both men and women for attaining a smooth and structured face. Botox holds the top place when it comes to injectable wrinkle removing treatments. It was first used two decades back and from then onwards it has been delivering satisfactory results. It is US FDA approved for cosmetic use this, ensuring the reliability of the treatment. It is used by millions of people every year.

Effect of using botox

Botox consists of specific proteins which help in freezing the overactive muscles to stop wrinkles and face lines on the face. The proteins like collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin get reduced as the age passes. Botox helps in reducing this ageing effect.


At first, the needs and requirements of the patient are understood by the doctor and the required treatment are specified according to it. Then the doctor cleans the target area and injects botox. This process may cause some discomfort to the patient.


A person after going through Botox treatment may experience some side effects like bruising, irritation, and redness to the skin. It is recommended to not use any anti-inflammatory products to avoid such side effects. The affected area must be avoided to be touched. And one must avoid laying down for some time.

Results and lasting time

The results of such treatment is visible within two to three days. And the effects if such treatment last for six to eight months. But after two to three treatments one can expect a permanent effect.


If you want a renovating experience for your face then what are you waiting for. Just book the Best Botox Treatment In Dubai.

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