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Get Near Thermage The Only Answer To Permanent Hair Removal
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The Soprano ICE laser hair removal system is the most recent iteration of the multi-award-winning Soprano hair removal system. It is utilized by renowned doctors and advanced hair removal clinics all over the globe. Know all about Soprano Ice Treatment.

The technology and treatment approaches for laser hair removal have entered a new age with the Soprano ICE platform. Because it combines several different laser wavelengths & technologies, the Soprano ICE system makes it possible to treat a wide variety of patients & hair types without causing discomfort in a short amount of time and throughout the year.

•To a Large Extent, Painless
•Proven Track Record of Safety
•All Skin Types
•Tanned Skin
•Full Coverage Rate

Soprano ICE Combo Package

Removing unwanted hair is a problem that has been around for a very long time, and removing hair permanently is challenging. The SHR hair removal technique developed by Alma uses ground-breaking technology to provide a straightforward, all-in-one answer for really efficient hair removal. The unique technique of progressive heating used by SHR successfully damages the follicles while preventing harm to the skin in the surrounding area. The laser is kept in continual motion thanks to the sweeping In-motion delivery technique, which ensures that the whole area is covered.

•Treatment for the elimination of hair
•Hair Removal

The Soprano ICE is equipped with Alma's one-of-a-kind AlexTM Technology, which blends the high absorption advantages of an Alexandrite 755nm wavelength with both the treatment coverage, comfort, and minimal maintenance requirements of the diode laser. The advanced ICETM technology keeps the skin cold throughout the treatment for extended lengths of time, reducing the danger of burns while retaining heat inside the dermis, where the hair follicles are being treated.

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