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Farid Khan Variation Of Car Mount Phone Holder: Based On The Holder And Mounting Methods
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You must be thinking that the phone holder is nothing but a waste of money. But have you ever imagined how safe and effective it would be to use the car mount phone holder without wasting your time to find it and see who called? 
Do you know how easy it would be just to take a peek at the Google Maps screen while driving into the unknown? Easy right? When one thinks about it, the phone holders aren't as useless as many tend to think. 
They have a significance that is yet to be determined by people. In this article, we will share with you variations of a phone holder that you can use on your car to make the right decision. 

Variations of car mount phone holder:


Depending on what kind of effect one is trying to produce and what kind of activity one is trying to perform utilizing the phone holder, one would have to select the phone holder. Not only that, but the positioning of the phone will determine the selection of the mount phone holder too.

So here are some of the mount phone holders that we think will suit your needs.
Based on holder grip:
Vent Mounted Holders:
This particular type of holder has a cross-shaped grip that fits perfectly on the vent of the car. It is suitable for all verification of cars.  
Suction Cup Smartphone Holder
This particular holder is mounted with a vacuum suction cup that is situated on the windscreen or the dashboard. 
3M Sticky Phone Holder
As the name suggests, this particular type uses double-sided adhesive tape, mostly the 3M tape, so that the phone’s surface can be attached to it. 
CD Slot Mount Phone Holder
This particular has an applicator that can be mounted on the CD slot. The holder’s insertion can be inserted into the CD slot, making the whole aspect of utilizing the car mount phone holder very convenient and easy. 
Car Rearview Mirror Mount Phone Holder
This particular holder is best when it comes to watching the map while checking the car’s rearview. The phone can be mounted to the rearview mirror using the holder. The position of the phone will be convenient enough for you to avert danger. 
Based on mounting methods
Magnetic Holders:
It is the most common method of mounting the car holder. One magnet is built into the holder, and the second one has to be stuck to the phone’s case. Voila, attach it whenever you are trying to drive. 
Automatic Locking Holders:
The most reliable way to hold the phone is to press the phone against the holder’s clamp, as the two sides will automatically secure your phone. 
Auto-Lock Electromechanical Holders:
The hilt in motion makes the application very easy. The holder clamps are opened whenever you bring the phone closer. However, it requires electric power for utility. 
Depending on what kind of effect you want, you can select the car mount phone holder. You can choose it based on the holder verification or based on the mounting method. No matter what, select the one that suits your purpose the most. 

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