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shubh  gems Yellow Sapphire: 5 Major Benefits Of Pukhraj Stone, Which Affect Every Person
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If such a gemstone, which is popular among the people, and is highly beneficial to the wearer, then it is none other than yellow sapphire stone.
The kind planet is the gem of Jupiter, which symbolizes intelligence, knowledge, good fortune, bliss and prosperity, providing many benefits to humans wearing natural yellow sapphire stone.

Yellow sapphire stone price

Because of the ability to increase the auspicious results of the planet Guru, the price of the yellow sapphire stone is much higher than the normal gems. Usually the starting price of yellow sapphire in the market is Rs. 1,000/- per carat goes up to Rs. 50,000/- Per Carat. Its price keeps increasing according to the quality of the pukhraj stone. Many gemstone seller trap the customer by telling any yellow stone as yellow sapphire in the greed for higher profits. So while buying Pukhraj stone, there is more possibility of cheating.

Natural availability of yellow sapphire stone

Pukhraj stone is also extracted from the mines as a crystal. Its mines are mainly in Russia, Ceylon Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Norway and Italy. But the best yellow sapphire stone is found in Brazil. Yellow sapphire stone is also found in the Himalayan region of India.

Science and Yellow sapphire stone

  1. Pukhraj stone is a silicate mineral consisting of aluminum and fluorine. Its formula is Al2SiO4 (F, OH).
  2. Naturally, some impurities and liquid or gaseous substances are found in this gem. It has a hardness of 8 and a density of 6.53.

Qualities of a yellow sapphire stone

There is a bright yellow color, it looks like there is water inside it. This gem is seen through but is not clear. It has the ability to remove the flaws of the Guru.

Astrological Benefits of Yellow sapphire stone:

Jupiter is a powerful planet. A good view of this planet makes a person rich and brings social respect, while if it gives the opposite, it gives very bad results. So everyone can’t wear the yellow sapphire stone. Get a horoscope from a good astrologer before purchasing it. Wear yellow sapphire stone in these circumstances in the horoscope:
  1. People with Jupiter's planet Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant must wear Pukhraj ratan.
  2. If Jupiter is situated in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius or Capricorn in the horoscope, Pukhraj stone should be worn.
  3. If Jupiter is present in any of the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius or Capricorn, wearing yellow sapphire stone is beneficial.
  4. If Jupiter is in Capricorn, then it should not be late to wear the yellow sapphire stone.
  5. Wearing Pukhraj is auspicious if Jupiter is in the ninth, eleventh, seventh, second and in the fourth house.
  6. If Jupiter is situated in the best house, if it is situated in the sixth or eighth position from its house then yellow sapphire stone must be worn.
  7. Wearing a yellow sapphire stone is beneficial even if there is a difference in the Mahadasha of Jupiter or in any Mahadasha.
  8. If there are obstacles in the marriage, then the factor of auspicious actions, wearing the Pukhraj of Jupiter, gets married soon.
  9. Wearing a yellow sapphire stone calms our mind and reduces bad thoughts.

There are many other benefits of yellow sapphire gemstone. Take a look at 5 incredible benefits that yellow sapphire stone affects a person:

1. Attracts positive energy

The world we live in today has become much more negative now than it was a few decades ago. All around us, negative things are happening. This is where yellow sapphire gemstone helps a lot. With its positive energy, it keeps the negative energy away from you - so that you can make a very happy and fulfilling life.

2. Improves decision-making ability

It is a wonderful gem, the yellow sapphire stone helps to give the wearer a much needed boost to her decision making ability. It helps them think with rationality and makes it easy for them to make quick and positive decisions.

3. Removes obstacles

Another amazing benefit of wearing a yellow sapphire stone is that it helps the wearer get rid of the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their goals.
If anyone thinks that they are surrounded by difficulties on all sides. To help such people, this gem miraculously inspires them to achieve their goal, no matter what comes their way.

4. See positive people

When you are surrounded by positive energy, you are able to attract positive people into your life. Thus, a yellow sapphire stone can help you improve your personal and professional relationships as you will meet positive spirits and build a cordial relationship with them.

5. Fixes Old Problems

In life, there may be times when you have tried everything to stay away from your chronic problem, but to no benefit. If this is what you are experiencing, wearing yellow sapphire stone helps you make the right decisions and deal with the problem easily, leading a happier and wealthier life than before.

Yellow sapphire stone Substitute

In case if you can’t buy yellow sapphire stone and not getting the good yellow sapphire stone, you can wear yellow pearl, yellow zircon or goldfish as an alternative.


Pukhraj stone should never wear with diamond, onyx and cat’s stone. Dirty, broken and strange yellow sapphire stone should never be bought and worn.

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