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Also Available As
Giclee Art Poster
Framed Art Print
Greeting Card
Wall Calendar

  • Size
  • Stretching
  • Canvas
  • Frame
Print Size:
  • 8" x 8"
  • 12" x 12"
  • 15" x 15"
  • 18" x 18"
  • 21" x 21"
  • 24" x 25"
  • 27" x 28"
  • 30" x 31"
  • 33" x 34"
  • 36" x 37"
  • 39" x 40"
  • 42" x 43"
  • 44" x 45"
Pick Stretching:
  • Gallery Wrap
    Reflection - Gallery Wrap Stretched on a 0.75" thick wood frame. Edges of the image are mirrored to compensate for the wrap.
  • Gallery Wrap Plus
    Reflection - Gallery Wrap Plus Stretched on a 1.5" thick wood frame. Edges of the image are mirrored to compensate for the wrap.
  • No-Wrap
    Reflection - No-Wrap No stretch / Rolled canvas only without frames. Comes standard with 2" white mattings on all sides for stretching.
  • Standard Wrap
    Reflection - Standard Wrap Stretched on a 0.75" thick frame without mirror effect. Comes with white borders by default. The border wrap color can be customized.
    Wrap Color
Pick Canvas:
  • Satin
    Satin PremierArt Generations Satin Canvas Acid free 2:1 poly/cotton blend canvas made specifically for stretching. The blended base does not fluctuate with humidity changes, eliminating the need for re-stretching. Advanced coating with adhesion properties reduces micro-cracking, which causes flaking and dusting. (350g)
  • Matte
    Matte PremierArt Matte Canvas is the best canvas to use when a matte surface is desired, and the image will be stretched. Matte Canvas is a bright white poly/cotton canvas that is instant drying and water resistant. Its 2:1 double weave offers superior strength when stretched. (395g)
Frame it?         

Framing is not necessary for Gallery and Standard Wrap prints with colored sides. They can be hanged as is, giving your room a bold modern look.

Total: $32.77

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“It just happens in that special moment when creative energy meets naked canvas and just flows and the world no longer exists around you ...could I duplicate it ...never only happens once to tell you how I created it , I would first have to figure that out myself”
Born in 1965 in Edmonton Alberta, Christine Cholowsky knew from an early age that she was not a typical child w...ho always wanted to play. While the other kids were making mud pies, she was making mud sculptures. She saw things differently and had a natural desire to create with whatever she could find to do so. Whether it was a pencil and paper, some homemade clay or even mashed potatoes on her dinner plate, she was always creating or drawing something with whatever she had on hand.
As a young mother of 3 children, Christine’s dreams of pursuing an art career were put aside for 27 years to raise her family. Never letting go of her passion for art during this time, she would in her spare time discover and experiment with different media and techniques. Everything from pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylics, airbrush and sculpture.
At the age of 45 and her children now adults with families of their own she decided that it was now or never to pursue her passion and carve her niche in the art-world. With only a suitcase of clothes, some family photos, her guitar and her art supplies she left her comfort zone and headed out into the unknown. Leaving her family, friends, job and all her earthly possessions to her youngest son, Christine left the small town of Hinton Alberta and headed to Toronto Ontario where she would begin her journey.
Christine chose to dive into mixed media and sculpture as she loves how texture and shadows lure your senses into the artwork .This also allows her to work in many diverse forms of media all in one piece.
Beauty, reality, versatility of life, nature, people, dreams, feelings, are all multi-dimensional, never flat, always of a certain depth and texture. These qualities are drawn from her own profoundly spiritual and innermost life experience, Christine transforms a flat canvas into multi-dimensional textured works of art. Engaging to both sight and touch, her artworks entice a window to the viewer’s own inner world, allowing the perception of one's unique identity, hopes and dreams. Using various combinations of acrylics, airbrush, found objects, natural elements, utilizing mixed media and sculpture techniques, Christine’s unique artworks combine the real with the surreal, merging dream with reality. She attributes her work to the deep passion with which she can transform life’s inspirational moments into strikingly beautiful and inspirational works of art.
Having never gone to art school has not been of any concern for Christine as she feels it would have stifled and suffocated her own creative energy and style .Anyone can learn anything they wish to but when you are born with a gift it has no need to be taught , only nurtured by love , determination and passion .

About Canvas Prints

Canvas Gallery Wrap

Decorate your walls with our museum grade, stretched and gallery wrapped canvas prints.
Canvas Giclee Print applications include: Fine Art Photography, Giclèe Reproduction, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography

Premier Art - Generations Satin Canvas is on a poly/cotton canvas base with a 2:1 weave for excellent stretching properties. New coating technology yields the highest D-Max of any canvas product available in the market today.
Features Benefits
65% Poly/ 35% Cotton , 350g, 18mil  
2:1 Weave Does not fluctuate with humidity changes,
eliminating the need for re-stretching
High D-max Largest color gamut
Advanced Coating Reduced micro-cracking
Water Resistant Will not run with water contact
Acid Free Coating True image permanence
OBA (Optical Brightening Agents) Free Archival grade prints

Premier Art - Generations Matte Canvas is on a poly/cotton canvas base with a 2:1 weave for excellent stretching properties and added strength.
Features Benefits
65% Poly/ 35% Cotton, 395g, 19mil  
2:1 Weave Does not fluctuate with humidity changes,
eliminating the need for re-stretching
Double weave fabric Excellent durability
High D-max Largest color gamut
Matte surface Easily retouched
Water Resistant Will not run with water contact

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