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God Of Cosmogonic Legends 70x70 Cm


Also Available As
Giclee Art Poster
Framed Art Print
Greeting Card
Wall Calendar
Original $1800
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  • Color
  • Print Side
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Pick Color:
  • White
    God Of Cosmogonic Legends 70x70 Cm - White
  • Black
    God Of Cosmogonic Legends 70x70 Cm - Black
Pick Print Side:
  • Front
    The image will be printed on the front of your T-Shirt.
    * Maximum printing area of 8.5"x11" (or 11"x8.5")
  • Back
    The image will be printed on the back of your T-Shirt.
    * Maximum printing area of 8.5"x11" (or 11"x8.5")

Total: $25.49

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Relax and open to receive these angelic tones of colours that will uplift you, beautiful images to inspire your heart to rise, create, and be love. We can choose to look around us at life and see darkness and disappointment, or we can tune into the infinite blessings, miracles, and beauty of creation that invigorate our souls with the essence of life itself. The heavenly frequencies shared in this art healing will help you connect to your innate nature, which is peace. An incredible well of inner peace lives within you, and when you tap into this source of infinite love, you become a conscious creator of your life, an emissary of healing. The abundant flow of source love energy wants to move through you and assist you in creating such beauty in this world. Through the sounds and tones in this video, you will become deeply connected to the source of creation, and become able to channel it through so that we all may create heaven on earth together. You are invited to open, release, and receive these frequencies of healing, love, and abundant creation. With all my heart, ~ Ioana Radulescu

About Art T-Shirts

T-Shirt Our T-Shirts are printed in full color, have an 11"x8.5" print area, and are made of 100% cotton. We can print your favorite art on the front or the back of the T-Shirt.
Great for all promotional and networking events such as:
  • Gallery Openings
  • Trade Shows
  • Art Fairs
  • or promoting your art casually

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