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Jose Grateron Luque
Workshop: Sculpture in Latin America, Prof. Ramón Eduardo Haiti. Havana Cuba (1995)
-Photography: Technique and theory. Imagen Foundation 1994
Free Art Workshop-The New Figuration Circle. Prof. Alfredo Yanez. (1993-1994)
-Workshop. From the objectual to Concept Art (1992)
-Renaissance Restoration Workshop. Prof. Alba Guerrero. Bugles Museum (1992)
-Technical Standards for Museums General Directorate Caracas Museums Sector (1991)

Tony Bar-Joint Divergence - Puerto Ordaz (2009)
Foundries-Pictorial, Art Network, Ciudad Bolivar (2009)
-Altarpieces. Tony Bar - Ciudad Bolívar (2009)
-An artist a work. Hotel, CPA Maturin, Edo. Monagas (2006)
-Graterón New Works. Gallery. L.T. La Castellana. Caracas (2005)
-Venezuela in Primary. Installation. University Simon Rodriguez. 29th anniversary (2004)
-Art to Reconcile. Installation. Gaal. Edo. Anzoategui (2003)
-A pick and shovel. Recent Paintings and Installations. Legislature Art Gallery of Edo. Anzoategui (1999-2000)
-Drawing Abstract. Bay Gallery. Dairy (2000)
Paintings and Sculptures Urban-Industrial Revolution Bugles Historical Museum (1999)
-Walls Sharon's Gallery. Dairy Edo. Anzoategui (1997)
Caribbean-Us. Puerto Píritu (1994)

-VIII Guanta Art Exhibition (2009)
-Simply Art, Puerto Píritu, (2009)
-City of Stone, Living Boabad, Tony Bar - Ciudad Bolívar (2009)
-Art + Art-Life, Mara Inn Hotel, Ciudad Guayana (2008)
First Exhibition of Art-Pedro Baez. Gallery Pedro Baez, Armando Reveron School. Anzoategui Museum. Barcelona (2008)
International Fair of Art and Fashion. Italo Center Great Hall. Puerto Ordaz, Edo. Bolivar (2008)
Plastic artist-Day. Tribute to Armando Reveron. Anzoategui Museum. Barcelona (2007)
Jesus Soto-Mega Exhibition. Alejandro Otero Museum. Caracas (2002)
-Artists Venezuelans. Sala Luis Bonilla. FIA. Barcelona (2002)
-Gestures are colors. Bay Gallery. Dairy (2001)
Fertile Earth-East. Gaal. Edo. Anzoategui (2001)
-Teachers and Artists Auction Devoted to Venezuela. Pedro León Zapata Hammer. Puerto La Cruz (2000)
-Images. Represented Artists. Sharon's Gallery (1999)
Plastic Artist-Week. Municipal Palace. Barcelona, ​​Edo. Anzoategui (1999)
-Visions of a Millennium. Gaal, Edo. Anzoategui (1999)
-III Hall Young Artists. Ateneo Miguel Otero Silva. Barcelona, ​​Edo. Anzoategui (1999)
-Meeting Venezuelan Painters. Sharon's Gallery. Dairy, Edo. Anzoategui (1998)
-II Hall Young Artists Gallery Marcos Navarro. El Tigre, Edo. Anzoategui (1996-1997)
-Hall Petrozuata. Headquarters Building Puerto La Cruz. Edo. Anzoategui (1997)
-Hall Young Artists. Gaal. Edo. Anzoategui (1995-1996)

-1st. - New Trends Painting Prize. Painting Competition Outdoor. - Ciudad Bolivar. - (2009)
-Painting Prize. II Salon of Young Artists. Anzoategui (1997)
-Experimental Art Prize. Young Hall III. Anzoategui (1997)
-Diploma. Mayor of Barcelona (1999)
-Diploma. University Simon Rodriguez. 29th Anniversary (2004)

-Conceptual Art. St. Mary's University. F. Social Communication (2002)
-Art and Revolution. Legislative Palace. Edo. Anzoategui (2002)

-Text Catalog. The Flight of the Butterfly. - Tony Bar - Ciudad Bolívar (2009)
-Text Catalog. Angostura in 10 times. Hotel Alba (2008)
-Text Catalog. The Immaculate Popular Iconography. Ateneo. - Puerto Píritu (2006)
-Text Catalog. Volume-Color-Movement. Bugles Historical Museum (2005)
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