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If you’re in pain and looking for the best pain clinic, then this Harvard clinic is your best choice. This state of the art Harvard medical center houses a team of board certified Harvard pain doctors who provide the latest minimally invasive treatment options. Nowadays, many orthopedic surgeons and doctors can be too quick to suggest surgery and narcotics to treat pain. However, surgery is incredibly risky and can sometimes be unnecessary. As well as surgical risks, there can be negative health effects associated with using narcotics, NSAIDs and opioids. Instead of relying on risky and invasive procedures, these Harvard pain doctors use cutting-edge procedures to maximize your health in a safe and highly effective way. These Harvard doctors include Dr Laura Lombardi and Dr George Hanna. Both doctors are exceptional leaders in pain medicine and are passionate about promoting the health of their patients using cutting-edge procedures. Some examples of these safe and highly effective treatments include Radiofrequency Ablation, Steroid Injections and Platelet Rich Plasma Injections. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about undergoing risky procedures or taking narcotics. Regardless of any previous treatments you’ve had or why you’re in pain, these Harvard doctors New Jersey are here to get you back on your feet. Before committing to surgical interventions and narcotics, ensure you receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendation from one of our leading pain doctors.
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  • What Causes Knee Pain On The Inner Or Outer Side?
         8 days ago
    The proper functioning of the knee is the main thing that is required for staying healthy and fit in general. Knee pain is common and can happen to anyone. Though most knee pain can be managed with the help of pills and other things, it can be serious in that case you might need to consult at the pain treatment centre. Chronic knee pain can be divided into those causes occurring because something is wrong in the knee internally or it’s because of outside factors.   Chronic pai  . . .  
  • What Are Common Knee Problems?
         8 days ago
    Knee injuries can be the hardest thing that you ever want to deal with and manage somehow. While if you have a broken arm or something like a headache even in that case you could at least relax. It's very hard to rest a knee joint as this can basically make you immobile when it comes to the resting part.   If you search on the internet there are so many ways that will lure you to try them and promise to help you out. Things like a certain patch on the knee will calm the pain, st  . . .  
  • What Are The Do's And Don'ts For Lower Back Pain?
         14 days ago
    Low back pain, otherwise known as lumbago, is a very typical sign that can occur from several underlying conditions such as bad posture, sports-related injury, infections, tumours and age-related problems that happen to the spine. In most cases, it is triggered by the irritation of the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, or the muscles of the back. Moreover, low back pain can be of an immediate onset following an event or because of a heavy workout. In the same way, there are many other reasons w  . . .  
  • Techniques That Can Help You In Managing Pain?
         14 days ago
    A pain specialist deals in easing, managing and relieving pain or people who are crushed under chronic pain. And as there are various types of pain specialist, there are so many things which you can do for pain management and pain relief also. One of them is visiting the pain treatment clinic.   Chronic pain can be healed with medications, but sometimes those aren't enough and you could be needing one of the main ones such as intensive low back treatment. They will assess the p  . . .  
  • When Does Knee Surgery Become Necessary?
         25 days ago
    Knee pain can be debilitating and affect your overall quality of life. Chronic pain can lead to other health issues, including depression and obesity. Knee surgeons, otherwise known as orthopedic surgeons, can help alleviate knee pain and get you back on your feet again. It can be difficult to know when to opt for surgery or alternative treatments. The decision is typically a joint one - you and your knee pain doctor together usually decide when the time is right and this decision is based on se  . . .  
  • What Are The Back Pain Treatment And Products?
         25 days ago
    About 90% of all Americans suffer from back pain at some point or the other in their lifetime. While it is not a disease as such, back pain is definitely a symptom that cannot be ignored. If the cause of back pain can be identified, then one can actually go in for effective back pain treatment. People have numerous options for back pain treatment now, thanks to the increasing awareness of alternative routes of treatment.   What are the back treatment methods?   Let's lo  . . .  
  • What Are The Causes And Treatments Of Low Back Pain?
         26 days ago
    When people are getting older they will most probably suffer from low back pain. Sometimes lower back pain caused by an injury, while others have no obvious reason.   What conditions cause lower back pain?   Here are several major conditions that could lead to back pain. These conditions are mentioned below:   Muscle Strain around the lower back area, which could be caused by injury.   Herniated Discs which is the discs that support the backbon  . . .  
  • How Pain Treatment Center Can Provide Pain Relief?
         26 days ago
    For somebody who suffers from chronic pain, a pain treatment center offers a wide range of relief treatments. They are often referred to as pain management clinics, and both will utilize an approach that is considered multidisciplinary that encourages those with chronic pain people to have active participation in managing that pain so that they can gain control over their lives again. These centers do not focus as much on the pain itself as they do on the whole person.   What do these  . . .  
  • How To Heal Your Knee Injury?
         1 month ago
    Everybody would like to get back to what they were able to do before they injured their knee as quickly as possible. However, it can be frustrating and boring to have to stick to a structured exercise regimen given to you by yourknee doctor for knee repair. But, it is important to remember that these knee physical therapy programs are designed to ensure that no damage is done to the knee and to assist in its healing. It is important that you listen to your doctor or physiotherapist and follow   . . .  
  • Common Concern About Low Back Pain Treatment
         1 month ago
    Acute low back strain is not as uncommon as it seems to be when you are in pain. In fact, acute lower back pain is one of the most popular ailments of patients when searching for low back pain treatment. Acute low back pain estimates over $20 billion in health care amenities, and the bill mentioned is exclusive from the indirect costs that the country is spending because of the ailment. As per the latest studies done by the United States, fifty percent of the overall people deal from back pain  . . .  

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