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By Nina Pancheva



Artwork Description
Biafarin Artwork Code: AW998780455 The process of developing the series of paintings Computer Views (three paintings: Ice, Mars and Field, oil on canvas)started as twofold. On the one hand, it aimed to address formal questions about the space in the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. By adding the computer dialogue boxes in the paintings, the surface separates into two levels of perception, one been the landscapes, i. e. a realistic approach, and the other - an abstract field of the computer dialogue boxes. Gerhard Richter had a major influence on my work with his usage of photographs and abstract elements in painting. The abstract details in my paintings aim to focus viewers’ attention to the fact, that they are looking at a constructed picture. The other direction started with my intention to contribute to the awareness of some of the current ecological problems, which we all face – the melting of the polar ice caps and the overall global climate change. In this sense the computer dialogue boxes appear in the paintings assigns of a reality, which seems saturated with images, especially in screens. Sometimes it seems as the screens show us a more ‘truthful’ reality than our own senses. We perceive the worlds’ events through screens, we feel as we belong the the world through the power of these images. On the other hand, the world through our screens seems unreal-some kind of computer generated reality. Thus issues as fundamental as the global warming seem somehow unreal too. My paintings combine elements of these two modes of perception, seeking to open up possibilities for awareness of these ecological issues, for the ways we perceive reality and the functions of visual art within this context.


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Original - $1,300.00
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Oil Color on Canvas Painting
Created on January 2020
Dimensions: 50x40x3 cm
Weight: 2 kg

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Field Field
By  Nina Pancheva
Medium/Type:  Oil Color on Canvas   Painting
Dimensions: 50x40x3 cm
Weight: 2 kg
Create Date: January 2020
Price: $1300 USD Negotiable

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